Coffee in Guatemala

30 Jun

Antigua, former Spanish capital of Central America, June 2010. The coffee bar could be in a chic part of Milan. My latte is strong and full flavoured, topped with a leafy calligraphic in foaming milk. Typical Guatemala it ain’t. If you care for coffee this country’s a degree of torture not seen since the Jesuits switched from delivering it in the here and now to promising it in the hereafter. Beyond the cobbled streets, red tiled roofs and thick, quake resistant walls of the bourgeois villas, expensive cafes and banks with armed guards around Parque Central – and beyond a few oases up country where gringos visit in sufficient numbers to warrant the outlay – when you ask for coffee here you get a warm sugary brew with the smell and taste of weak instant. This in one of the world’s premier coffee growing nations, a textbook case of cobblers’ kids running barefoot …

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