It’s tough up north tha knows

7 Jan

Yorkshireman at desk. Trays read: IN, NOWT.

Michael White’s Guardian piece yesterday … do give it a read and tell me if and when, in any newspaper alleged to be ‘quality’, you ever saw anything so crass and childish.

White contrasts the “tough” north – full of folk like Barnsley’s Mike Dugher and Bridlington’s Maria Eagle, who have “the national interest” at heart – with the “middle class Islington” of “Team Corbyn” and its “mealy mouthed … sense of entitlement”; its “over-educated armchair revolutionaries”.

In a rare departure from protocol and prudence both, White picks a fight – you have to sort the comments section by Recommendations to see this – with one of his many detractors. And gets trounced. As usual, we were impressed by the crisp eloquence of zerohoursuni:

A South Yorkshireman (Sheffielder to be exact) myself, I can tell you you’re talking tripe of the most regionally chauvinist kind – one that substitutes crude workerism for real class analysis.

Picking up on the shameless philistinism, geneer wants to know:

And what is your problem with people being educated?

But it’s edgeofdrabness who delivers the coup de grace:

Dugher is clearly a tough cookie. He’d presumably have to be a very tough cookie to accept the role of chief lobbyist (aka UK Director of Government Relations) for one of the UK’s least popular public sector outsourcing outfits (pre G4S and Serco): EDS.

Reader: do you  have a favourite ‘revolving door’ story?

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