4 Replies to “Walking Hadrian’s Wall

    • Ha! Not really Dineke. As a retiree I can go at pretty much any time the weather looks to be good. And with old codger’s railcard that early morning train from Sheffield to Carlisle cost me £12:45, the bus to Bowness nothing at all. As for campsite fees …

  1. Splendid photographs of what must have been a memorable experience. You have captured historical features, landscapes, flora, fauna, in fact, the whole essence of that wild and beautiful area..
    I hope wild camping didn’t bring you and your little dog into too much contact with marauding insects, descendants of those who stung so many Romans.

    • Ha ha. No – Scottish midges held back by Hadrian’s Wall, English ones mercilessly dealt with by small can of spray from Wilco in Carlisle

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