Klein on Covid-19

17 Mar

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Anne, a good friend from down under, posted this an hour ago on FB:

In spite of everything, there seem to be some potentially significant and positive things arising from the corona crisis. We as a species have been rushing headlong towards a very precarious future, and the momentum of this rush has appeared almost impossible to stop. Until now. With the current mass disruption, with everything turned on its head, there is now personal space and time, something the stranglehold our money/power-driven societies rarely allow, and certainly not on this kind of global scale. There is the possibility for something new to appear through the cracks. Perhaps a new kind of thinking and being that can only arise when we stand still for long enough. Perhaps (I’m hoping), a refusal to continue on the way we have been, and the imagination to create something new.
Here’s eight minutes forty-nine of Naomi Klein on the same subject:

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