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18 Nov

Seen today. ‘AOC’ is left Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Bill Gates is, well, Bill Gates.

I’m no fan of Bill, and not best qualified to say whether cows or cars are the greater emitters of greenhouse gases. (I’m told that methane from cow farts and burps is, in the short term, a bigger global heater than is CO2 from cars.)

But I know a daft argument when it leaps out from the Facebook of extraordinary sagacity to smack me in the kisser.

To see how daft this one is, substitute a kilo of polonium – or a tigress parted from cubs and injected with adrenaline – for “cow”. No one I know of has suggested that either is a driver of global heating. 1

(You never know. The poster might actually try a night with the garaged bovine and find himself among the four people a year in the UK (twenty in the USA) gored or trampled to death by cow. But that’s a different point. As are the multiple horrors of dairy farming for profit.)


  1. While the FB sage does not actual cite “climate change” – he writes instead of “more pollution” – he either means greenhouse gases or is misrepresenting what Gates and AOC have said. I’m kind enough to run with the former.

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