Planting flowers for 2022

9 Jan

The other day I liked – both in the FB and literal sense – the post of a friend who’d offered this image. 1

But isn’t it incompatible with the image I posted a few days ago? 2

Only if we have a very sentimental notion of what gardening involves.


  1. I liked the planting flowers meme well enough to track down its provenance. It’s from a book, Kissing Fish, whose strapline/subtitle – lower case and in funky fixed width font – is “christianity for people who don’t like christianity”. The author is one Richard Wolsey and rumour has it he was once a cardinal.
  2. That I’d had to Photoshop edit the dates on this second image – the original by Latuff in had 2019 giving way to 2020 – tells its own sorry tale.

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