Titanic in 3D

22 Feb

Whether viewed in two dimensions or three, Titanic abounds in clichés. That’s what love stories do. All the good ones anyway; the ones that do what it says on the tin. Think West Side Side Story, aka Romeo and Juliet. … Read More »

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande

1 Jul

I spend so much time looking at life’s darkest sides, it gives me immense pleasure to say this is the most delightful film I’ve seen in years. It’s funny, sad, intelligent, grown up, quintessentially English – except when it’s Irish … Read More »

Who beat the drums for Dear Prudence?

6 Jun

John wrote this in Rishikesh for Prudence Farrow, sister of Mia (aka  Mrs Sinatra newly divorced, Mrs Previn in waiting and, most toxically, Mrs Allen in the dim and distant). Prudence was, in Mr Lennon’s  opinion, spending too much time … Read More »

Says Rosa …

2 Oct

The most revolutionary thing we can do is always proclaim loudly what is happening   Speaking of Rosa, early Xmas shoppers, methodically placing ticks against the names on their prezzie lists, might consider this gem from cartoonist and writer Kate … Read More »