Two lonely blokes in a park final

21 Aug

As lockdown closed sports stadiums across Britain, BBC rugby commentator Nick Heath took to our parks and streets with his smartphone, professional skills and quintessentially English wit. Try his instant classic, Two Lonely Blokes in a Park … … the … Read More »

Let’s write a rude limerick!

9 May

In Walking the Erewash I composed a limerick to steer readers past the pitfall of pronouncing the eponymous river as ‘earwash’. Pairing it with ‘very posh’ I thought to spare embarrassment, should ever you find yourself in that neck of … Read More »

The myth of CV-19

23 Apr

Here’s a full list of postal districts for the Coventry (CV) postal area: Granted, when I checked three other postal areas – Sheffield, Nottingham and Slough – they too showed gaps in the district numbering. Still, makes you wonder, innit? … Read More »

Stealing the sun

8 Jan

Caught red handed by his photographer wife as two bemused canines look on, a man in the pay of Vladimir Putin – the Guardian’s Luke Harding has confirmed this – brazenly snatches the sun from an evening sky at the … Read More »