Magpies nesting

6 Apr

By middle of March a pair of magpies were nest building in a cherry tree at foot of our garden, two metres from a three-storey house whose east facing end wall overlooks the back of ours. That wall shelters the … Read More »

Great tits of Attenborough

25 Feb

By far the commonest tit – in fact the commonest non water bird, period – in Attenborough is the blue tit. Here’s one snapped yesterday as I took advantage of the sunshine, and highest temperatures in many a month, to … Read More »

The Trent in spate

1 Feb

The weir at Beeston, snapped soon after our move to Nottingham in November 2018. See these gates? Their concrete platform is two metres above the river. In this next image, taken in late January this year, we can just make … Read More »

Top cat

23 Nov

This presented itself as a screen saver when I fired up this morning. And this is one of my own, shot – in a manner of speaking – at Saigon Zoo, Christmas Eve 2012.