Three China reads: 1, the Uighurs

11 Apr

Silence? What silence? Few things are more predictable than the demonising by corporate media of ‘regimes’ which obstruct, directly or indirectly, the will of Wall Street. And nothing has rattled Wall Street more than the rise, faster than foretold, of … Read More »

Syria Ten Years On

8 Apr

For socialists and internationalists (and how can you be the one without being the other?) the only thing more dismaying than the ability of ‘our’ power-serving media to whip The People into a frenzy of Orwellian loathing for manufactured bêtes … Read More »

Former US Senator on Syria

6 Apr

Think me an extremist on what is being done to Syria in our name? Hear the former Republican Senator for Virginia, Dick Black, a fortnight ago at the Schiller Institute. I’m posting in full here (transcript below) because the facts-are-sacred … Read More »

Nottingham Kill the Bill Protest

28 Mar

If Winston Churchill was right, and the price of freedom is indeed eternal vigilance, then we’re eff-you-sea-kayed. I’d put Kill the Bill attendance yesterday at Nottingham’s Forest Recreation Ground at 400 tops. Still, there was energy aplenty in those who … Read More »

My March reads

28 Mar

Just two reads this month. (You’ll see why when you clock the word count of the first one.) This past year I’ve been in an uncomfortable place vis-a-vis CV-19. On the one hand I’m impressed by sceptics like Germany’s Professor … Read More »