The Dirty War on the NHS

10 Dec

I saw this film last night at a one-off screening in Derby. It’s all you’d expect of a John Pilger documentary. Polished and professional? Well of course, but more importantly: Hard hitting, its straight-from-the shoulder interrogations of power a far … Read More »

London Bridge attack

30 Nov

The Guardian today.   Snapshots from June 2017 … * Frequently deployed – cynically, stupidly and lazily – to dismiss an argument without the effort of addressing its particulars, the conspiracy theorist epithet refers to an assumed pathological condition. It’s … Read More »

Morgan to Morgan: 50,000 new nurses

28 Nov

Nicky Morgan, BoJo’s Culture Secretary, and her fifty thousand ‘new’ nurses: Biggest Car Crash Interview Ever! A Conservative MP tries to redefine what 'more' means. Truly horrifying. Posted by Momentum on Monday, 25 November 2019