We need to talk about Kim

26 Sep

I just did a Google search on genocide north korea. Here are the first six returns. An axiomatic understanding all sane and well intentioned folk, whatever their political stripe, are fully signed up for. No matter that what the average … Read More »

“Israel was born in sin”

21 Sep

Two days ago Israel’s liberal daily, Haaretz, ran this: ‘Israel Was Born in Sin. I’m Collaborating With a Criminal Country,’ Says Former PM’s Son The son of the man who signed Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948 is ending his days as … Read More »

Sinophobia – two new reads

15 Sep

On July 11 – see China Rising: humanity’s best hope? – I gave my view of the state we’re in: Our world is capitalist in its advanced stage of imperialism – the export of monopoly capital from global north to south, and the south … Read More »