A People’s HQ for Covid-19

30 Apr

The financial resources government has made available for a pause in economic life show the viability of non-capitalist economic planning. But as in 2008, such largesse will come at huge cost to ordinary people unless the labour movement can show … Read More »

My April reads

25 Apr

This post also features on Off-Guardian For weeks my political focus has narrowed almost exclusively to Covid-19. It’s not that I haven’t noted other things. Increased Washington bellicosity over China, Iran and Venezuela has been hard to ignore, likewise the … Read More »

The myth of CV-19

23 Apr

Here’s a full list of postal districts for the Coventry (CV) postal area: Granted, when I checked three other postal areas – Sheffield, Nottingham and Slough – they too showed gaps in the district numbering. Still, makes you wonder, innit? … Read More »