An apology to my readers

13 Apr

My bad. For fifteen years I’ve been inflicting my views on folk who’ve done me no harm; done nothing whatsoever to deserve such torments. I began innocuously enough with emailed film reviews but it was still sneaky of me to … Read More »

Three cheers for America

2 Apr

Taken today from the Information Clearing House home page. “The United States has entered the ranks of the failed states. One of the most remarkable manifestations of a failed state is that the criminals are all inside the government operating … Read More »

Lindsey German on Brexit

2 Apr

Most of my friends are baby boomers like me. As a rule we dislike capitalism but don’t dislike it enough. Faintly pink, or fire engine red, we too often fail to see – though the pieces are there for all … Read More »

On Chelsea Manning (and B. F. Skinner)

9 Mar

This post also features in OffGuardian Note. The OffGuardian version of this post has drawn flak for use of gender pronouns of the ‘him/her’ kind. I stand accused of being ‘bigoted’, an ‘immature child’, ‘sniggering’, ’embarrassed’ and a few other … Read More »

Zero evidence from Andrew Rawnsley

3 Mar

Had there been a scintilla of residual doubt on the matter, and there wasn’t, Andrew Rawnsley’s references in today’s Guardian Opinion to ‘Labour moderates’ would have erased it. That piece – Labour’s balance of terror has shifted. Now Corbynites have … Read More »