Junior doctors: in their own words

12 Feb

Preparing to privatise: don’t miss this excellent 1 minute video summary, of what’s really going down, by a junior doctor yesterday on LBC. (For a reminder of how many MPs gain personally from NHS privatisation, see this. Be aware though … Read More »

Truth matters

11 Feb

Two days later an American friend, Daniel, posted his disgust at a homophobic quote allegedly by Ted Cruz. But others say it doesn’t check out with independent verification sites and seems  a smear; maybe by the Democrat spin machine, maybe … Read More »

Assange – justice is long overdue

5 Feb

Former BBC legal correspondent Joshua Rozenberg asks in today’s Guardian, How did the UN get it so wrong on Julian Assange? He sets out, correctly IMO, the weakness of the Working Group’s opinion that Assange is being subjected to arbitrary … Read More »