Richard Murphy on UK capital flight

4 Mar

Keir Starmer’s belief that the private sector will be the salvation of UK investing is wholly misplaced. Large UK companies are the worst at investing. They look to financialisation for their profits, with innovation very much off their agendas. To … Read More »

Starmer and the victory of dark politics

28 Feb

Even the mildly socialist policies put forward on Jeremy Corbyn’s watch were too much for Britain’s rulers. Aided by the most vicious campaign ever waged against a party leader, in which every wing – liberal as much as conservative, ‘quality’ … Read More »

Stop the War NOW!

17 Feb

I have my differences with those who, while sharing my view that blame for the Ukraine War lies with Washington, say the Kremlin is also culpable. For reasons given many times before and after February 24, 2022 – here for … Read More »