We need to talk about Kim

26 Sep

I just did a Google search on genocide north korea. Here are the first six returns. An axiomatic understanding all sane and well intentioned folk, whatever their political stripe, are fully signed up for. No matter that what the average … Read More »

Blowback: Taliban target US shadow army

31 Aug

The Taliban aren’t searching and targeting civilians. They’re hunting down a CIA-created shadow army, two decades in the making, still underground in Afghanistan … Thousands of mercenaries with the potential to become an ersatz ISIS-K, and threaten Afghan entry into … Read More »

Engels on the ‘graveyard of empires’

29 Aug

How’s this for your Sunday read? A splendid account, detailed but never dry, of Afghanistan’s people and history. First published in The New American Cyclopaedia, Vol. I, 1858 – and in 2005 transcribed by Andy Blunden at www.marxists.org – its author needs no introduction, though the … Read More »

What about the Afghan women?

20 Aug

Photographs like this are now being posted all over Facebook. Whether by intent or through naivity we are invited to contrast this happy scene – no, I’m not being sardonic – with the “grim” news that the West is ending … Read More »

Afghanistan: who bears the costs?

17 Aug

I have at times spoken, here for instance, of America’s military-industrial complex as – inter alia – a way of transferring wealth within the USA from the many to the few. In the context of US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Caitlin … Read More »

Two new reads on Afghanistan

15 Aug

If western mass media were anything remotely resembling what they purport to be, they would be making sure the public understands how badly their government just fucked them. Instead it’s “Oh no, those poor Afghan women.”  Caitlin Johnstone It works … Read More »

76 years ago today

9 Aug

Nagasaki bound: bomb No. 2, “Fat Man” Seventy-six years and three days ago Hiroshima was incinerated. Three days later, on August 9, it was Nagasaki’s turn. Estimates of the immediate consequences – not attempting to reckon those in the months, … Read More »