My October reads

24 Oct

China leads the race for 5G leadership, a fact not only deeply alarming to Washington and Wall Street but with dire implications for a Europe left in the dust. Meanwhile a French Professor of Philosophy has a word or two … Read More »

The Economist on Huawei

19 Aug

People mocking Trump don’t see the system which produced him – Arundhati Roy Establishment narrative managers know how to manipulate public perception without being obvious, and understand that an incompetent steward of empire can snap people out of their trance. … Read More »

My June Reads

28 Jun

this post also features in Offguardian Was Pyongyang’s destruction this month of a border town ‘liaison office’ – touted as symbol of reconciliation but in reality lacking the truth component – a further manifestation of Kim Jong Un irrationality? What … Read More »

Covid-19 – the China Syndrome

15 Mar

Today’s Guardian quotes Anthony Costello, former director of the World Health Organization: The key principles from WHO are intensive surveillance. You test the population like crazy, find out where the cases are, immediately quarantine them and do contact tracing and … Read More »