Covid-19 – the China Syndrome

15 Mar

Today’s Guardian quotes Anthony Costello, former director of the World Health Organization: The key principles from WHO are intensive surveillance. You test the population like crazy, find out where the cases are, immediately quarantine them and do contact tracing and … Read More »

North Korea’s nukes

27 Apr

See also North Korea? The problem is Washington I make a point of checking into centrist media like FP and Al-Monitor from time to time. Though essentially supportive of a rotten global status quo, both have their uses. Al-Monitor frequently … Read More »

Perilous days

3 Sep

In a Sputnik article last month, replicated in the excellent Off-Guardian, Pepe Escobar gives a useful appraisal of the conflicting interests of China and the USA in the South China Sea. It’s a well informed piece and I recommend it, though … Read More »