Defending democracy in Ukraine?!?

22 Mar

Right now we’re seeing saturation condemnations of Russia across all corporate media. That these media are incapable of prioritising truth, over the agendas of the tiny elites who beneath a chimera of democracy rule us, is a given for reasons … Read More »

This ain’t Putin’s price hike

14 Mar

Caitlin in fine form this morning. She covers pretty much all the bases – empire, social media censorship, false equivalence and more besides. She even makes house room for that vital concept of theoretical physics, Schroedinger’s Putin. (For images, and … Read More »

Dark Side of the Mood Music

12 Mar

I’m saddened that musicians whose work I’ve loved since See Emily Play now condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Roger Waters – who has done such sterling work on Palestine and Julian Assange, while refusing to go with the propaganda blitz … Read More »

Pentagon bioweapons in Ukraine

11 Mar

Says Wikipedia: The Biological Weapons Convention bans biological and toxin weapons by prohibiting their development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling and use … … Article I requires each state never to develop, produce or stockpile : microbial or other biological agents … that … Read More »