Nottingham Kill the Bill Protest

28 Mar

If Winston Churchill was right, and the price of freedom is indeed eternal vigilance, then we’re eff-you-sea-kayed. I’d put Kill the Bill attendance yesterday at Nottingham’s Forest Recreation Ground at 400 tops. Still, there was energy aplenty in those who … Read More »

My March reads

28 Mar

Just two reads this month. (You’ll see why when you clock the word count of the first one.) This past year I’ve been in an uncomfortable place vis-a-vis CV-19. On the one hand I’m impressed by sceptics like Germany’s Professor … Read More »

Clapham Common: policing protest

15 Mar

Will Met Commissioner Cressida Dick, Britain’s highest ranking police officer, fall on her sword? It seems likely, though she’s come out fighting amid widespread criticism from unusually high places of her force’s conduct at Clapham Common on Saturday night.  More … Read More »

No-Platforming and the so-called Left

15 Feb

So the defamation escalates. First you call someone a ‘transphobe’. Then next time you can call them a ‘known transphobe.’ Next, when you’ve called them a known transphobe often enough, they become a  ‘Notorious transphobe’. All without saying a single … Read More »

Cook on the Assange decision

4 Jan

Jonathan Cook, today in CounterPunch: Assange Wins. The Cost: The Crushing of Press Freedom The unexpected decision by Judge Vanessa Baraitser to deny a US demand to extradite Julian Assange, foiling efforts to send him to a US super-max jail … Read More »

The most lethal virus is War

15 Dec

Information Clearing House has today published its transcript of a John Pilger speech in London to a Stop the War fund-raiser, Artists Speak Out. Britain’s Armed Services Memorial is a silent, haunting place. Set in the rural beauty of Staffordshire, … Read More »