Gary Lineker? Or H.M. Loyal Opposition?

11 Mar

Guardian writer and former Independent editor Archie Bland today says: Linekerology is only prominent because, even if you think his comparison of Suella Braverman’s rhetoric to that emanating from Germany in the 1930s is excessive … (Not sure I do, … Read More »

Richard Murphy on UK capital flight

4 Mar

Keir Starmer’s belief that the private sector will be the salvation of UK investing is wholly misplaced. Large UK companies are the worst at investing. They look to financialisation for their profits, with innovation very much off their agendas. To … Read More »

Starmer and the victory of dark politics

28 Feb

Even the mildly socialist policies put forward on Jeremy Corbyn’s watch were too much for Britain’s rulers. Aided by the most vicious campaign ever waged against a party leader, in which every wing – liberal as much as conservative, ‘quality’ … Read More »

UK responses to Hunt’s budget

19 Nov

There’s no remorse for George Osborne’s austerity that stripped the country bare and wiped 1% off GDP. Instead, here comes the austerity reprise, but far worse now that the Tories are cutting spending on skeleton services in a state of collapse. … Read More »

Keir Starmer on “hate crime”

23 Oct

While gathering my thoughts for part two of Magic Money Tree I was alerted by Dave Hansell to an UnHerd post of October 20. Now as Richard Murphy recently pointed out, the British Labour Party is fully committed – as is … Read More »