UK responses to Hunt’s budget

19 Nov

There’s no remorse for George Osborne’s austerity that stripped the country bare and wiped 1% off GDP. Instead, here comes the austerity reprise, but far worse now that the Tories are cutting spending on skeleton services in a state of collapse. … Read More »

Keir Starmer on “hate crime”

23 Oct

While gathering my thoughts for part two of Magic Money Tree I was alerted by Dave Hansell to an UnHerd post of October 20. Now as Richard Murphy recently pointed out, the British Labour Party is fully committed – as is … Read More »

Zugzwang for TrussTweng?

14 Oct

International chess tournament in Reykjavik, 2017 Zugzwang – “compulsion to move” – is a situation in chess and other turn-based games wherein a player is placed at a disadvantage because of their obligation to make a move when any legal … Read More »

UK in turmoil: a Quaker speaks

5 Oct

Excellent post yesterday from Quaker, tax specialist and modern monetary theory advocate, Richard Murphy. Do read in the context of that other MMT sympathiser, a debt specialist with over half a century of academic, political and corporate experience. For all … Read More »