Murray on Assange: Beyond Words

8 Apr

See also Craig Murray’s four daily court reports from Belmarsh, beginning here. Today he writes: Yesterday Mark Sommers QC, the extremely erudite and bookish second counsel for Julian Assange in his extradition hearing, trembled with anger in court. Magistrate Vanessa … Read More »

Kevin Ovenden on Covid-19

19 Mar

See also: Varoufakis on Covid-19 … Klein on Covid-19 The corona virus has cast a light on every aspect of British society: the economic relations, the class inequalities, migration, capitalism, big pharma. Everything i seen in a new light and … Read More »

Julian Assange Global Protest

16 Mar

On Monday, February 25, day one of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing was held at Belmarsh Magistrates Court. Read about the days that followed in Craig Murray’s excellent court reports. Two days earlier, on Saturday, February 22, a rally was held … Read More »