The Dirty War on the NHS

10 Dec

I saw this film last night at a one-off screening in Derby. It’s all you’d expect of a John Pilger documentary. Polished and professional? Well of course, but more importantly: Hard hitting, its straight-from-the shoulder interrogations of power a far … Read More »

London Bridge attack

30 Nov

The Guardian today.   Snapshots from June 2017 … * Frequently deployed – cynically, stupidly and lazily – to dismiss an argument without the effort of addressing its particulars, the conspiracy theorist epithet refers to an assumed pathological condition. It’s … Read More »

Morgan to Morgan: 50,000 new nurses

28 Nov

Nicky Morgan, BoJo’s Culture Secretary, and her fifty thousand ‘new’ nurses: Biggest Car Crash Interview Ever! A Conservative MP tries to redefine what 'more' means. Truly horrifying. Posted by Momentum on Monday, 25 November 2019  

Cook on Corbyn and “antisemitism”

27 Nov

Today in the View From Nazareth, award winning journalist Jonathan Cook writes: Corbyn’s democratic socialism is the first serious attempt by Labour since the Thatcher years to try to reverse the enormous and relentless economic gains made by Britain’s corporate … Read More »

Thus spake the Chief Rabbi

26 Nov

this post also features in offguardian Today BBC World at One featured responses to the Chief Rabbi’s extraordinary attack. Zero evidence offered. Silence on the relative extent of antisemitic views within the two main parties, and vis a vis the … Read More »

Film review: Sorry We Missed You

14 Nov

this post also features in offguardian “I never thought it would be this hard”, says Rickie Turner to Abby his wife, holding her tight in a brief moment of intimacy before sleep overtakes them. Rickie is working fourteen hours a … Read More »

Thus spake Hillary

12 Nov

Spotted this morning, an FB friend living in Cairo referencing a story – click on the image – in yesterday’s Guardian. Her warmongering – its victims dark skinned and disproportionately female – aside, Ms Clinton is given to portraying herself … Read More »