Is Tony Blair insane?

31 Aug

One of these two is a self confessed liar – and it’s not the one on the left. The abandonment of Afghanistan and its people is tragic, dangerous, unnecessary, not in their interests and not in ours … We didn’t … Read More »

“Kenny go home!”

17 Aug

Still from Cathy Come Home, 1966 Defend Democracy Press two days ago: Zionism has taken control of the British Labour Party. And it is destroying it! Left erupts in anger after Starmer’s Labour expels iconic film director Ken Loach Aug. … Read More »

Sheffield Labour Party on GC beliefs

3 Aug

I’ve been asked by Labour Party contacts in Sheffield to publicise its response to a “Statement of Support for Trans and Non Binary People” sent to Sheffield CLP branches after the election of the Hallam Women’s Officer, a known Gender … Read More »

Richard Murphy’s peaceful revolution

2 Aug

I admire economist, tax specialist and Modern Monetary Theorist Richard Murphy. This despite my deep suspicions of MMT (often derided as “magic money tree” not only by Chicago School, Thatcherite, Reaganomic and other stripes of neoliberalism but by a Marxism … Read More »