Is this England? Ask Chaucer!

10 Jul

I’ve been re-watching This is England. Not the movie, set in 1983, but the Channel 4 mini-series it spawned: This is England 1986 .. 1988  .. 1990. They’re on catch up at All 4 and if you never saw them, find … Read More »

Power of the press

1 Jul

One aspect of the torpedoing of Boris by Gove and his missis, Sarah Vine, is this line in her email to hubby: Crucially, the membership will not have the necessary reassurance to back Boris, neither will Dacre/Murdoch, who instinctively dislike … Read More »

Don’t blame me …

24 Jun

Yesterday I gave my pencilled cross to a corrupt institution that only last year condemned millions of Greeks to a poverty they’d done nothing to deserve, and has plotted and connived behind our backs to subvert popular will in the … Read More »

Brexit? Soros speaks

21 Jun

George Soros writing in the Guardian today: .. there are speculative forces in the markets much bigger and more powerful. And they will be eager to exploit any miscalculations by the British government or British voters. A vote for Brexit … Read More »

Corbyn takes axe to Redwood

12 May

Free market purist John Redwood, so lacking in self awareness he actually stood to lead the tories just as they were reinventing themselves as the Nice Party After All  – giving Dodgy Dave’s faux blokishness a clear advantage  – taunts … Read More »

War and Peace – and Brexit

10 May

It was inevitable I guess. With the Brexit focus now on ‘defence’, the arguments on either side get sillier. Cameron says leaving would up the risk of war in Europe but we have to weigh this against his earlier insistence, … Read More »

Scotland and other matters

6 May

Yesterday’s elections give the Labour right little real ammo in its dirty war on Corbyn. The worst showing was in Scotland but that was (a) inevitable given SNP ascendance and (b) like that ascendance a product – we can validly … Read More »

Irrationality rules, got it?

29 Apr

Thinking people can go into a tailspin of despair when confronted with the stark truth they’ve overestimated the power of reason. Yesterday self righteousness, pack instinct, unthinking emotionalism, malice and rank opportunism swept reason aside in the Labour Party. Before … Read More »