May 1926 – a resounding success!

3 Oct

Incisive, evidence based reasoning was never Guardian writer Anne Perkins’ strong suit. Does anyone recall her argument when, with colleagues talking up all and any challenge to Jeremy Corbyn, the talentless Angela Eagle – parachuted into Wallasey by right wing … Read More »

How will history judge the frackers?

30 Sep

Should humanity pull back from – take your pick – environmental disaster, nuclear annihilation or both of these logical consequences of capitalism’s relentless addiction to ‘growth’, how will future schoolchildren, in their history classes, judge the injection by private interests … Read More »

Corbyn at PM Questions last week

20 Sep

JeremyCorbyn, just over a week ago at Prime Minister’s question time: Jeremy Corbyn | Prime Minister's Questions Theresa May is pouring petrol on the burning injustices in our society.Today at Prime Minister's Questions… Posted by Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday, 12 … Read More »

Livingstone on antisemitism

28 Aug

this post also features on offguardian Back in April 2016, at the time of the suspension from the British Labour Party of Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone, I wrote: Thinking people can go into a tailspin of despair when confronted … Read More »

I could not march because …

14 Jul

I’m not really a fan of Galloway – far less of Donald Trump – but yesterday George expressed my sentiments with ninety percent accuracy. But a facebook exchange today adds a little nuance to the picture. Here’s a snippet: In … Read More »