Crossing Paso Jama

19 Oct

Doing a rare inbox tidy up today, I happened on a thread I’d not only forgotten but whose final two emails had passed me by. In early June a French friend emailed a piece by a man just shy of … Read More »

Taiwan: nation of show-offs

14 Oct

Photographers, even wildlifers and landscapers, love show-offs. And Taiwan loves to show off, its women especially. Young or old, any suitably scenic location brings them out in droves. Not just with selfie stick and smartphone (or escorts toting SLRs) but … Read More »

Travel: universal and particular

8 Oct

My Taiwan posts lack the personal touch, I know. Accounts of Chiang Kai Shek’s White Terror and the geology and history of Taroko could have been written without chalking up the carbon footprint – though my views on reducing capitalist … Read More »

Green Island

3 Oct

On Monday’s 09:30 ferry from Taitung to Ludao, aka Green Island, I saw for the first time a flying fish. Several actually but one put on a show. It cleared the surface ten metres from where I stood near the … Read More »

Fugong Fish Harbour

2 Oct

The ferry for Green Island sails from Taitung in the southeast of Taiwan. To be precise, it sails from Fugong Fish Harbour, a half hour bus ride from the train station. I arrived at eight am to secure a ticket … Read More »