Cleethorpes yesterday

23 Apr

Known in recent decades by affectionate hellenicisation – “dad got laid off so we’re holidaying in Clethrepos this year” – this beach town a tad south of Grimsby was a choice venue, back in the fifties and sixties, for outings … Read More »

Chatsworth yesterday

20 Apr

Walking with my friend Sue. Great conversation, great weather, and the deer posing for us. Couldn’t have been better. Nice pad they got there, those Cavendish-Devonshires. Even the loos are classy. *

And again in snow …

28 Feb

The last half mile of yesterday’s walk brought snow, in light flurries to begin with. For thirty-six hours it fell, frequently a swirling white-out though with occasional breaks. Early this afternoon I kitted up: wellies, merino skinware, layers of down, … Read More »

Burbage rocks today

4 Aug

There are still plenty of photography situations where there’s no getting round the need for SLR camera, filters, lights and above all high quality optics. But if you ask me, those situations are growing fewer and further between. Or is … Read More »