Days three to four

24 May

So I had my cliff top coffee and wandered on. This beauty was a good start. The only times I truly miss my big boys’ kit – Canon 7D and two lenses, including the totally fabulous L-series 70:200 f2.8 IS … Read More »

Days two to three-point-one

23 May

I won’t go so far as to say I didn’t feel and look a complete and utter tit, striding the coastal path with three-panelled solar charger dangling from rucsack, or from towel draped round neck, whichever afforded best positioning vis … Read More »

Day one

21 May

Vacated Bristol this morning for Totnes by train. Buses dovetailed so neatly I was in Padstow by 5pm. Downside being I hadn’t had time to grab so much as a packet of crisps all day. But as I alighted at … Read More »

Porter Valley today

13 May

Sunday with the woofer. Past the allotments behind Rustlings Road, through Bingham Woods and down into the Porter Valley. We do the walk at least five times a week, all seasons, but there’s always something new …  

Sutton Bonington yesterday

2 May

Yesterday, leaving for another day the fourth dark episode of the ever popular but frankly grim Tales from the Precariat series – aka Roddis v Sheffield Hallam – I drove Jackie to a teaching day on one of wealthy University … Read More »

Cleethorpes yesterday

23 Apr

Known in recent decades by affectionate hellenicisation – “dad got laid off so we’re holidaying in Clethrepos this year” – this beach town a tad south of Grimsby was a choice venue, back in the fifties and sixties, for outings … Read More »

Chatsworth yesterday

20 Apr

Walking with my friend Sue. Great conversation, great weather, and the deer posing for us. Couldn’t have been better. Nice pad they got there, those Cavendish-Devonshires. Even the loos are classy. *