Clive Stafford Smith on Wikileaks

10 Sep

I was fifteen when I took from the library, and devoured in two days, Ludovic Kennedy’s 10 Rillington Place. (It was later made into a film with Richard Attenborough as murderer John Reginald Christie). Christie’s crimes against women were sickening, … Read More »

Two lonely blokes in a park final

21 Aug

As lockdown closed sports stadiums across Britain, BBC rugby commentator Nick Heath took to our parks and streets with his smartphone, professional skills and quintessentially English wit. Try his instant classic, Two Lonely Blokes in a Park … … the … Read More »

The Economist on Huawei

19 Aug

People mocking Trump don’t see the system which produced him – Arundhati Roy Establishment narrative managers know how to manipulate public perception without being obvious, and understand that an incompetent steward of empire can snap people out of their trance. … Read More »

Coup 53

2 Aug

Mainstream Western accounts of modern Iran seldom go back further than 1979 to address the events of 1953, when Winston Churchill and Kermit Roosevelt conspired to oust PM Mohammad Mosadegh, elected on a ticket of nationalising Anglo-Persian Oil (now BP) … Read More »

Norfolk again

1 Aug

See also, Four days in Norfolk. Our cottage for the week in Great Snoring, four miles north-east of Fakenham in the north of one of my favourite counties. Not that we spent much time in it. The cliffs at Winterton … Read More »