Dodgy sums on Scottish Independence

5 Feb

I’m not what you’d call a fan of Modern Monetary Theory. I see in it no real solution to our most pressing problems – eco-insanity and threat of nuclear armageddon; inhuman conditions for hundreds of millions in the global south … Read More »

The Trent in spate

1 Feb

The weir at Beeston, snapped soon after our move to Nottingham in November 2018. See these gates? Their concrete platform is two metres above the river. In this next image, taken in late January this year, we can just make … Read More »

Cut across Shorty

1 Feb

In comments exchanged below my recent Buddhas of Wall Street & Pentagon post, the issue of ‘shorting’ or ‘short selling’ came up. Its tangentiality notwithstanding, I linked to a capitalist-friendly explanation, prompting fellow Sheffielder and rambling partner Dave Hansell to … Read More »

The Buddhas of Wall Street & Pentagon

30 Jan

Not being a regular reader of Jane’s Aircraft I was surprised by Stephen Gowans’ references, in his What’s Left? post three days ago, to B-52s. For my generation this bomber gained global notoriety in the skies over Vietnam. And even more infamously … Read More »

Bombers for Wall Street

29 Jan

Steve Gowans  has been cited before on this site, in respect of Syria and in my review of Israel: a Beachhead in the Middle East. Two days ago, on a different but related topic, he wrote: US bombers, says a … Read More »