The Dog and Goose

9 Mar

It’s seldom discussed in polite circles but an unleashed dog can aid the avian photographer. A tyro trying to raise his game, I last night consulted one site’s top tips for freeze-framing birds in flight. Heading the list was learning … Read More »

On Chelsea Manning (and B. F. Skinner)

9 Mar

This post also features in OffGuardian Note. The OffGuardian version of this post has drawn flak for use of gender pronouns of the ‘him/her’ kind. I stand accused of being ‘bigoted’, an ‘immature child’, ‘sniggering’, ’embarrassed’ and a few other … Read More »

Zero evidence from Andrew Rawnsley

3 Mar

Had there been a scintilla of residual doubt on the matter, and there wasn’t, Andrew Rawnsley’s references in today’s Guardian Opinion to ‘Labour moderates’ would have erased it. That piece – Labour’s balance of terror has shifted. Now Corbynites have … Read More »

Labour’s Enemy Within

28 Feb

What do they say about feeding the monster? Back in December, Labour MP Chris Williamson publicly opposed Islington Labour Party’s decision to ban saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli Jew labelled “antisemitic”, from a Christmas gig. In the face of orchestrated … Read More »