Her name was Sarah

14 Mar

The speaker, a few metres from where I stood, began by telling us she was “sick of men” telling her this, and “sick of men” telling her that. What she lacked in oratory skills she sought to make up for … Read More »

Reclaiming These Streets

13 Mar

On March 3 at around 21:30 a Tulse Hill doorbell-cam captured the last living image of Sarah Everard, the 33 year old marketing executive who disappeared while walking home that night. On March 9, one day after International Women’s Day, … Read More »

Sloe progress

10 Mar

Demand for a follow up to my sloe gin post of five months ago is now approaching denial of service attack levels. My public, insistent on a progress report, must be appeased. Just after nineteen hundred on the evening of … Read More »

Me and my doubts

8 Mar

There ought to be a club for Left bloggers like me. Every once in a while we’d get together on Zoom to talk shop. I’m sure one issue, doubt, would come up again and again. Not doubt in the factual … Read More »

Caitlin J on the Democrats

7 Mar

Caitlin Johnstone today: Democrats cannot wait for the midterms so they can lose and go back to letting the Republicans play the bad cop. This is who the Democrats are. It’s who they always will be. They let you have your Bernies … Read More »

Please wake up

6 Mar

* Caitlin Johnstone begins her post today: A new Gallup poll finds Americans’ opinion of Russia and China at historic lows, with 79% now reporting an unfavorable view of China, 77% an unfavorable view of Russia … A recent Mintpress News article, … Read More »