Iran: what next?

20 Jul

this post also features in offguardian With so many brown skinned men, women and children in the Middle East maimed, bereaved or having their lives terminated by the high tech and highly profitable products of America’s military industrial complex, it’s … Read More »

On the water, man and dog

19 Jul

In a one seat canoe, you’re skipper and crew, just messing about on the river. Josh Macrae My kayak waits in the garage: deflated, rolled and strapped to folding trolley – the kind porters use to ferry grain sacks round … Read More »

BBC Hasbara Cooked

15 Jul

It is difficult to describe as anything other than a hatchet job the BBC Panorama special this week that sought to bolster claims that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has become “institutionally antisemitic”. The partisan tone was set from … Read More »