Taroko Gorge take 2

24 Sep

I couldn’t resist. Today I returned: going deeper into Taroko, higher into those incredible mountains. You can traverse Taiwan, east to west, on this road. There aren’t many such passes. Other than at the island’s northern and southern tips, paths … Read More »

Taroko Gorge

23 Sep

Like that other spellbindingly beautiful island, Tenerife – the north east in particular – Taiwan – the east in particular – offers divergent micro-climates in close proximity. I’d guess you could leave Taipei at 6am, circumnavigate its spectacular coastline, and … Read More »

Pictures of Taipei

21 Sep

Taiwan’s capital and largest city, in the island’s northern tip. I’m now halfway down the east coast, in Hualien, but am far from done with Taipei. Here’s a sampler.

Pirates of the Carabiner

18 Sep

Improvise and overcome – Clint Eastwood, Heartbreak Ridge I’m told the population of Taipei is 2.8 million, and I’m staying in its beating downtown heart. But yesterday a thirty second walk from the vibrantly buzzing A Dot Hostel, then a … Read More »

From Taiwan

16 Sep

My first encounter with the far east’s, and more particularly China’s, emphasis on the importance of face  came not in China but Bangkok in 2009. I was at the snake farm attached to one of the city’s several world class … Read More »

Hello Mr Lennon

12 Sep

I think Marco – his comment appeared below a Youtube clip featuring Al Pacino speaking of the time he met John Lennon – must be American. In which case ‘Strawberry fields’ refers to a small part of Central Park, dedicated … Read More »

Was Diana’s death an accident?

2 Sep

Some say the Devil’s signature achievement lies in convincing us he doesn’t exist. Substitute more secular terms – ruling class, say, or imperialism – and the wisdom of those words is far reaching. As is that of a further tweak: … Read More »