Let’s write a rude limerick!

9 May

In Walking the Erewash I composed a limerick to steer readers past the pitfall of pronouncing the eponymous river as ‘earwash’. Pairing it with ‘very posh’ I thought to spare embarrassment, should ever you find yourself in that neck of … Read More »

A People’s HQ for Covid-19

30 Apr

The financial resources government has made available for a pause in economic life show the viability of non-capitalist economic planning. But as in 2008, such largesse will come at huge cost to ordinary people unless the labour movement can show … Read More »

A Toton Sidings Sunday

26 Apr

A passenger train approaches Toton in 1957 and a coal train can be seen on another line From Nottinghamshire Live, August 4, 2018: The Government has confirmed that Toton Sidings, one of the largest rail depots in the UK, will … Read More »

Wollaton today

25 Apr

A pair of Egyptian geese with only one gosling, my best pictures yet of those fallow deer – and the woods a blue shimmering haze. A few of the images at Wollaton Park on what is forecast to be the … Read More »

Subsidising large families

25 Apr

On the whole I eschew sarcasm in my writing. Less because it’s said to be the lowest form of wit; more because of the dangers of being taken at face value. Then again, never say never. This is an extract … Read More »