Last night in the House

4 Sep

the first part of this post features on offguardian I enjoy schadenfreude as much as the next guy and for the millions of us who detest Boris, last night brought the stuff in spades. I was quite taken by Jeremy … Read More »

Early autumn Attenborough

3 Sep

Sloes seem early this year, rosehips too. Blackberries less so. No SLR with heavy telephoto lens today. Just Jasper by my side and Galaxy S7 edge in my shorts pocket. This outlet, from Coneries Pond and Sailing Pit into the … Read More »

Film review: Blinded by the Light

3 Sep

this post also features in offguardian Bottom line: feel-good movie with a dash of musical, transcending its gritty context of racist, recessionist Britain under Margaret Thatcher. Bruce Springsteen is to Blinded by the Light what David was to Bend it … Read More »

Circular walk from Matlock

27 Aug

Today, with dear friend Sue. We took trains, she from Sheffield, I from Beeston, to meet at the cafe in the park, Matlock. From there we walked the left bank of the Derwent upstream for a mile before swinging west … Read More »