Indonesia to resume executions

14 Jun

Indonesia’s Attorney General’s Office announced today that in July, after Ramadan, sixteen unidentified death row inmates will be executed, ending a brief hiatus it bizarrely attributed to economic difficulties now resolved: We could not do it earlier because the government was trying … Read More »

Haaretz on the Tel Aviv bombing

10 Jun

Today’s editorial, verbatim, from Israeli liberal newspaper Haaretz … Only Solution to Palestinian Terrorism is the End of the Occupation In the wake of the deadly Tel Aviv attack, ministers voice empty bravado and call for collective punishment, thereby just … Read More »

Walking Hadrian’s Wall

6 Jun

On Friday, May 27, Jasper and I left the house at five-fifteen to catch a six-eleven train to Carlisle. We took the bus from there to Bowness on Solway to begin walking at three pm. Slideshow here …

Assad the tyrant?

23 May

This post also features on offGuardian – a much needed antidote to ‘liberal’ media. It’s also been translated into French so je vous remercie, mes amis inconnus. (Retrospective, January 2019. I rarely re-read old posts but was curious here. I know … Read More »

Privatise the world! Monetise it all!

20 May

Does anyone without a stake in Britain’s fire sales still believe privatisation is about efficiency or saving taxpayers’ money? Take the sale of student loans, a cornerstone of privatising higher education. The first sell-off, of the pre 1998 mortgage style … Read More »

Nakba: 68 years on

14 May

In 1948 some 700,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled; hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages were ethnically cleansed and destroyed. The refugees and their descendants are today divided between Jordan (2 million), Lebanon (427,057), Syria (477,700), the West Bank (788,108) … Read More »

Corbyn takes axe to Redwood

12 May

Free market purist John Redwood, so lacking in self awareness he actually stood to lead the tories just as they were reinventing themselves as the Nice Party After All  – giving Dodgy Dave’s faux blokishness a clear advantage  – taunts … Read More »