26 Mar

March 26. I’m at it again. Sipping my favourite drug – having long since renounced the illegals and, with more difficulty, tobacco – at a pavement cafe in downtown Buon Ma Thuot. A street photo­grapher and caffeine addict does not … Read More »

Coffee blossom

24 Mar

Viets have an earthy, robust humour that reminds me of my native Sheffield. On arrival in Kon Tum I found a hotel that seemed OK and told Slim, the lad on the desk, I wanted a motorbike in the morning. … Read More »

Close encounters of a photographic kind

20 Mar

Kon Tum, Central Highlands, the French-in-Indochina’s answer to the British-in-India’s Oota­c­amund: a hill station where Europeans could take temporary refuge from summer’s heat and white man’s burden, a town awash with handsome colonial architecture said to be the best in … Read More »