Lake Pichola

16 Mar

Shame that. Typical prey for these guys (wiki claims forty types worldwide if we include shags, though at what point a local variant gets its own Latin name is a matter of hot contention for those who care about such things) … Read More »

Faces of Udaipur

16 Mar

Disinclined to write, I wandered the ghats and streets at the northern end of Lake Pichola. Later I’ll dedicate a post to the lake, so have focused here on faces, mostly human.     This woman could be a model in the … Read More »

You’d think McCarthy was back!

22 Feb

Today’s Independent has former Labour Minister of State for Europe, Chris Bryant, telling Parliament that: There is now clear evidence of Russian direct, corrupt involvement in elections in France, in Germany, in the United States of America and, I would … Read More »