Privatising Syria

11 Mar

I’ve been saying for a long time that the USA (its rulers, not its people) is the most reckless and aggressive nation on earth. And I’ve been saying for a long time we’ve been lied to on an epic scale … Read More »

Graun for regime change in Moscow

10 Mar

Given an alarming intensifying of Russia bashing on virtually every front, however ridiculous, I recommend Kit’s piece today in OffGuardian: The alleged poisoning of ex-MI6 agent Sergei Skripal has caused the Russophobic MSM to go into overdrive. Nowhere is the … Read More »

THE must-read on Syria

9 Mar

Readers of my posts on Syria know that my views on its seven year ordeal could not be further from those of mainstream media. They aren’t much closer to those of their audiences, though of late I’ve noted a growing … Read More »

The Wave, Arizona

7 Mar

My denunciations of America – with “the planet’s most rapacious capitalism” at the kinder end of the spectrum –  refer to its ruling class, not its people. But here’s a thought. Their country’s diversity of climate, and plethora of mind-blowing … Read More »

Theresa May & the spirit of capitalism

5 Mar

Capitalism frequently embarrasses its more thin-skinned defenders: a group that, I kid you not, can include leading Conservative politicians. I’m sure Ted Heath, the Tories’ first non aristocratic leader, really meant it when in 1973 he castigated a sanctions-busting Lonhro, … Read More »