Kingfisher 2

27 Feb

I doubted in Thursday’s post that I’ll ever capture a kingfisher in flight in a pin sharp image. I blamed lack of kit and ornithological knowledge, and slow reflexes. All true to a degree but the bigger problem is my … Read More »


24 Feb

There’s nothing quite like the electric blue thrill of a kingfisher on the wing but I doubt I’ll ever capture it in a pin sharp image. State of the art kit is required: not just £15k lenses but cameras where … Read More »

Robert Hooke

20 Feb

But for certain misfortunes, Robert Hooke would surely have been among the most celebrated of Englishmen. He invented air bellows for Boyle, built telescopes and microscopes, discovered stars and advanced our understanding of planetary orbit. He taught himself illustration for … Read More »

Junior doctors: in their own words

12 Feb

Preparing to privatise: don’t miss this excellent 1 minute video summary, of what’s really going down, by a junior doctor yesterday on LBC. (For a reminder of how many MPs gain personally from NHS privatisation, see this. Be aware though … Read More »

Truth matters

11 Feb

Two days later an American friend, Daniel, posted his disgust at a homophobic quote allegedly by Ted Cruz. But others say it doesn’t check out with independent verification sites and seems  a smear; maybe by the Democrat spin machine, maybe … Read More »