CV19 and the search for a vaccine

4 Apr

Writing in the Guardian on March 16, Diarmaid McDonald, lead organiser of patient activist group Just Treatment, had this to say of Big Pharma: Coronavirus has exposed the effects of successive budgetary cuts on the NHS, leaving the health service … Read More »

Covid-19, Supernovas, Capital Implosion

3 Apr

I agree with John Smith, author of the award winning Imperialism in the twenty-first century, on many things. For instance that capitalism’s once progressive aspects – liberating humanity from feudalism/slavery and advancing labour productivity to the point where, for the … Read More »

WSWS on Covid-19

19 Mar

World Socialist Website, maintained by the Socialist Equality Party, is worth keeping an eye on. Its reports on the coronaviris crisis have been outstanding. I’ve no links to the SEP, one product of the implosion of Gerry Healy’s frightful WRP, … Read More »