21 Feb

To cheers from the crowd outside the Royal Courts of So-Called, a silver Mercedes driver honks furiously … … but she’s the exception. There’s no shortage of horn play but it’s mostly from work vehicles. A 76 toots as it … Read More »

First they came for Julian?

15 Feb

Not quite. First they assassinated his character to help a credulous wokerati – which should have formed his natural support base – run for cover. When the selectively amnesiac James Ball subsequently popped up at the (London) Times … … … Read More »

The parable of the sower

29 Sep

Never has the world seemed a more dangerous place, nor more in the thrall of power-servingly mendacious accounts of why. The first fills me with alarm but also an imperative. The second can throw those like me – seeking, with … Read More »

Damned by their own words

13 Sep

We need to remind people they work for the employer, not the other way around. we need to see unemployment rise, unemployment has to jump 40–50 percent … Tim Gurner, property developer Once the penny dropped that modern monetary theory … Read More »