Those who looked the other way

10 Jun

“Those who looked the other way, because they disliked Julian Assange, when the Department of Justice indicted him on a legal theory – that publishing clear public interest journalism could constitute multiple Espionage Act violations – should reconsider where that … Read More »

Speaking of police brutality

7 Jun

A friend emailed yesterday, saying I hadn’t been posting much of late and wanting to know I’m OK. I’m not, as it happens. I’m depressed, a little frightened and very confused. None of these states are bad things. They don’t … Read More »

My May reads

23 May

this post also features on off-guardian As I had last month, I’d wanted in my three reads this month to start addressing the alarming bellicosity of Washington in respect of several nations, but most frighteningly China. For those with some … Read More »

Julian Assange Global Protest

16 Mar

On Monday, February 25, day one of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing was held at Belmarsh Magistrates Court. Read about the days that followed in Craig Murray’s excellent court reports. Two days earlier, on Saturday, February 22, a rally was held … Read More »

Identity Politics

12 Mar

This from a woman who describes herself as ‘exited from prostitution, highly critical of the practice of buying sex and increasingly alienated within feminist circles’: Trans activists [seek] to convince you that because a small minority have  ambiguous genitalia or … Read More »

Old Age Pensions

10 Mar

Next year my partner Jackie will turn sixty. For most of her working life that had been the age of eligibility for a state pension the OECD says is the lowest in the developed world.  But as you may have … Read More »

My February reads

29 Feb

Reshaping global food production in the image of corporate imperialism … a brief and bloody history of capitalism in its lead nation … the pillorying of the world’s most famous whistle-blower … Welcome to my reads of the month. * … Read More »