Why are ‘we’ the good guys?

25 Feb

Seen just now on FB. Thank you Allan Edward Tierney for skewering the dangerous, barely conscious default assumption – nourished by Western education, news media, entertainment industries and other forms of drip-fed opinion manufacture – that “we” are the good guys. … Read More »

Cut across Shorty

1 Feb

In comments exchanged below my recent Buddhas of Wall Street & Pentagon post, the issue of ‘shorting’ or ‘short selling’ came up. Its tangentiality notwithstanding, I linked to a capitalist-friendly explanation, prompting fellow Sheffielder and rambling partner Dave Hansell to … Read More »

The wisdom of Caitlin

23 Jan

Hard as I try to vary my sources for masthead quotes – from Vladimir Putin to Leonard Cohen, Lenin to Steve Coogan – blogger Caitlin Johnstone remains overrepresented. She is so damn quotable on top topics of the day. Here … Read More »

The Tragedy of Corbynism

6 Jan

I began political blogging ten years ago, with increased intensity in the past five or six. On a few issues – Russia, the 2016 US Election, Brexit, Syria, Venezuela – my positions, and reactions to them, have threatened or actually … Read More »

Byron or Shelley?

10 Nov

The real difference between Byron and Shelley is this: those who understand and love them rejoice that Byron died at thirty-six, because had he lived he’d have become a reactionary bourgeois; they grieve that Shelley died at twenty-nine, because he … Read More »