Byron or Shelley?

10 Nov

The real difference between Byron and Shelley is this: those who understand and love them rejoice that Byron died at thirty-six, because had he lived he’d have become a reactionary bourgeois; they grieve that Shelley died at twenty-nine, because he … Read More »

Without extensive marketing …

29 Oct

Caitlin Johnstone today, in litanic form on our – take your pick – narrative managers … opinion manufacturers … ideological gatekeepers … thought controllers. This is just a selection. For the full list, read her post at source. Without extensive … Read More »

Those who looked the other way

10 Jun

“Those who looked the other way, because they disliked Julian Assange, when the Department of Justice indicted him on a legal theory – that publishing clear public interest journalism could constitute multiple Espionage Act violations – should reconsider where that … Read More »

Speaking of police brutality

7 Jun

A friend emailed yesterday, saying I hadn’t been posting much of late and wanting to know I’m OK. I’m not, as it happens. I’m depressed, a little frightened and very confused. None of these states are bad things. They don’t … Read More »