Beach scenes in Suffolk

21 Jul

Dunwich Woodbridge Bait digger at Martlesham Creek’s entry to the Deben Estuary Aldeburgh Aldeburgh Looking north from Aldeburgh to Sizewell B nuclear power station, top left Aldeburgh Dunwich Dunwich Aldeburgh Dunwich Anne died on her 70th. Remembered on a bench … Read More »

Steel City garden

12 Jun

It’s good to be back in Sheffield. These pix were snapped today on my phone while we took in Burbage Rocks, Carl Wark and Higger Tor on a short clockwise constitutional, ten minutes from Steel City House. * * *

In Peterborough and Stamford

9 Mar

Our history lives on in our language. We have Saxon words for livestock, French ones for meat – cow-bœuf .. sheep-mouton .. pig-porc – because the conquered Saxons merely tended what their Norman overlords got to eat. Here in Peterborough Cathedral, … Read More »