For Cod’s sake – stop this madness!

22 Feb

Yesterday I wrote of Ecuador’s bananas. The same day, the Daily Mail was warning Britons of further fallout from Putin’s totally unprovoked war on plucky Ukraine. A war which, as the above photographic proof clearly shows, Zelensky is winning hands down.

Now evil Putin, with the fury of the bully thwarted, is lashing out at our once national dish:

Putin launches war on Britain’s fishermen: Russia signs off plan to ban UK trawlers from its cod and haddock-rich waters and blasts the ‘unscrupulous British’ for ‘eating our fish for 68 years’

  • Vladimir Putin’s government has torn up fishing rights for UK trawlers
  • Government speaker said ban will make Britain ‘lose weight and get smarter’
Vladimir Putin today declared a Cod War on Britain as he tore up fishing rights for UK trawlers that have existed since 1956.
His compliant parliament ended an agreement signed by the Soviet Union allowing British vessels to fish in the Barents Sea. 
The move to hit Britain’s fish and chips is revenge for the UK handicapping the Russian economy with sanctions over the war in Ukraine, and supplying missiles to Kyiv
It is Putin’s idea to hit at the British, says one of his closest henchmen
The 71-year-old dictator’s warships could now be used against any trawlers seeking to catch cod on Putin’s doorstep.

I blame Boris Johnson. As I said 12 days ago in Media responses to the Putin interview:

He’s not the UK’s first mendacious prime minister. Just the first whom corporate media could and frequently did call a liar without fear of litigation. That he urged Ukraine to walk away from the Istanbul peace talks in the spring of 2022 is not a matter for grown up debate. Which makes Bojo, whose hoots of “utter nonsense” and “Russian propaganda” are worthless, an accessory before the fact to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths, and to Ukraine’s irreversible loss of territories east and south of the Dnieper.

Now Boris has the soaring unaffordability of our second favourite dish on his conscience. How long before evil Vlad comes after our chicken tikka masala  too?

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2 Replies to “For Cod’s sake – stop this madness!

  1. “Government speaker said ban will make Britain ‘lose weight and get smarter’”

    That is actually pretty nice of them, considering all the crap this genocidal government (including the main opposition party) has thrown at Russia. But I’m not getting my hopes up about his prediction coming true.

  2. The Daily Mail and those who use its argument in this particular matter are a tad behind the times.

    Has anyone checked the bleedin’ price of fish and chips these days? Who TF, apart from the PMC, can actually afford to eat fish and chips in the present economic shitheap that the UK has become? The line taken by the Mail is the contemporary version of the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette about cake.

    ‘Let them eat fish and chips’ might not have the same ring but its where we are.

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