Moscow does not make idle threats

6 Jun

I am very concerned that we do not have cooler heads in Washington right now. Either on the Democrat side, in the person of the feeble, demented Joe Biden or his equally feckless, inept Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, or the incompetent Jake Sullivan. None of these people understand the nuclear fire they are playing with. Likewise on the Republican side, there are very few voices … trying to talk reason and common sense, and to encourage talks to ease the tensions.

A common mistake made by people who have woken up to the reality that ‘our democracy’ is almost entirely bogus, and we are ruled by criminal elites who will stop at nothing to preserve their power and privilege, is to accord them a near mythic status as fiendish masterminds. Just as our jails are teeming with bird-brained inmates barely able to cross the street, far less pull off the crime of the century, so are the corridors of power strutted by lightweights to the manor born, their chief credentials a rare level of sociopathy and inflated sense of their own worth …

(No; not all. Trouble is, we live in times of great decadence – how else explain a Truss or BoJo? … how else a ‘choice’ of tangerine narcissist or senile war monger? – and such times are replete with opportunities for sociopaths to prosper and multiply.)

… otherwise not a whole lot different from you and me. So ask yourself, with nuclear war closer than at any point – as I argued in Talking WW3 Blues (Somebody has to) – since Cockcroft and Walton split the atom, would you trust you to stay calm and steer the world back from the brink? No? So why trust the fools and venal know-nothings currently strutting said corridors?

I’ve noted before that the rank of colonel is disproportionately represented in those dissident voices I call gamekeepers turned poacher. (Or canaries in the coalmine.) Think Jacques Baud, Douglas McGregor, Karen Kwiatkowski, Larry Wilkerson …

My homespun theory, and I’m sticking to it, is that it’s a rank high enough to be held by those trained to think deep and think strategic, but not so high as to embed them inextricably within the elites. To a far greater degree than the generals and admirals, they can say it as they see it.

Be that as it may, here’s another gamekeeper turned poacher: a grim faced Lieutenant Colonel Larry Johnson with eleven-minutes-five of the icily calm, reducible to a simple statement of fact.

Moscow does not make idle threats.

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