Is there a way out of the dark?

5 Oct

Has the penny dropped? Has the abundance of irrefutable evidence showing the USA to be, by a colossal margin, the most dangerous power on earth finally prevailed over the propaganda – at once both childishly fact-defiant and the most sophisticatedly administered in history?

If not, I’m rooting for you. You’ll get there. Meanwhile here’s a simple step you can take this very minute. Stop – JUST STOP – giving house room, consciously and/or at some deeper level of the mind’s emoto-intellectual structures, to the fantasy that corporate media are even capable of, far less interested in, truthfully covering matters vital to those who rule and whose concerns are a million miles from yours. Matters like the coming war on China and the current one in Ukraine, where the lies are so transparent it takes a titanic effort of corporate media will – almost heroic in its systemic mendacity – to sell them to us.

Heading the list being the lie, sustained solely by a choreographed incantation in every sector of said corporate media, that Russia’s war in Ukraine was “unprovoked”.

Relax. This is not your standard moaning Jeremiah offering from steel city scribe. A reader sent me a discussion between The Duran’s Alex Mercurius and Columbia University’s Jeffrey Sachs. I’ve featured both men in other posts but never together. What distinguishes their discussion is not just the erudite and cogently argued setting out, by Professor Sachs in particular, of what a freakishly perilous path the world is being dragged along by US misleadership abetted by EU and Five Eye sycophants.

Nor is it the searing indictment – by a man who sat across the table from Boris Yeltsin while the USSR was formally dissolved; a man who combines the insights of a political economist with the cultural depth of a historian – of the hubris of US leaders, none especially bright and a few not especially sane, incapable of seeking win-win strategies with rising economic powers they view through the zero sum lens of American Exceptionalism.

More than either of these things, what distinguishes this podcast – it’s talking heads so you can drive, walk or catch up with the ironing as you go – is that Professor Sachs, having pulled not a single punch,  ends on a note not of gloom and pessimism but of what Sartre would call stern optimism.

But don’t take my word on this …

* * *

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