The collapse of Israel and the USA

21 Nov

Yesterday I replied thus to a comment on my last post but one, Lowkey on Gaza:

I see the faint outline of a way forward through the emerging bipolar world expedited by [Gaza genocide] and by [the West’s defeat in] Ukraine. Washington’s hand, at the root of Israeli intransigence and the region’s wider turmoil – not for nothing do we speak of the Empire of Chaos – is rapidly weakening. So are those of the Israeli Right, and of Hamas. Both China and Russia have seen (as has Syria) Western backed armed jihad, in Xinjiang and Chechnya, and don’t like it one bit. India even less! Yet these will be the movers and shapers of a just, hence durable, peace in the region. The aims of Hamas, with its Muslim Brotherhood links, are no more realistic than the ISIS pipe dream of a 21st century Caliphate. Any serious moves to settling the Palestine Question – and again I think these will be one consequence of October 7, so Hamas can be thanked for services rendered even as its leaders are shown the door – will soon marginalise both the “drive out the Jews” brigade, and the Greater Israel fantasists.

Today I read Thierry Meyssan, writing a week ago on He goes further.

He may overstate the speed – given the potential for minor events to serve as tipping points for momentous change in this context, 1 I do stress that may – of empire collapse but I agree on its inevitability, and sooner than we’d have thought possible at the start of this decade

And while we ignore at our peril the truth that Israel gained – decades ago thanks to the US, UK and France – its nuclear insurance policy, the “Jewish State” in its current form is unsustainable. A durable solution – two-state or one-state seems to me a secondary matter at this point – will both reflect and expedite the west’s weakening capacity to divide and rule not just the middle east but the global south at large.

Over to M. Meyssan.

The collapse of Israel and the United States

For the first time, the world is witnessing a crime against humanity live on television. The United States and Israel, who have long since joined forces, will both be held responsible for the mass massacres in Gaza. Everywhere except Europe, Washington’s allies are withdrawing their ambassadors from Tel Aviv. Tomorrow, they will do the same in Washington. Everything is happening as it did when the USSR broke up, and it will end the same way: the American Empire’s very existence is threatened. The process that has just begun cannot be stopped.

While our eyes are riveted on the massacres of civilians in Israel and Gaza, we fail to perceive the internal divisions in Israel and the USA, or the considerable change this drama is provoking in the world. For the first time in history, civilians are being massacred live on television.

Everywhere – except in Europe – Jews and Arabs unite to cry out their grief and call for peace. People everywhere realize that this genocide would not be possible if the United States did not supply bombs to the Israeli army in real time.

States everywhere are recalling their ambassadors to Tel Aviv and wondering whether they should recall those they sent to Washington.

It goes without saying that the United States only reluctantly agreed to this spectacle, but they didn’t just allow it, they made it possible with subsidies and weapons. They are afraid of losing their Power after their defeat in Syria, their defeat in Ukraine and perhaps soon their defeat in Palestine. Indeed, if the Empire’s armies are no longer frightening, who will continue to transact in dollars instead of their own currency? And in that eventuality, how will Washington make others pay for what it spends, how will the U.S. maintain its standard of living?

But what happens at the end of this story? That the Middle East revolts, or that Israel crushes Hamas at the cost of thousands of lives?

We’ll remember that President Joe Biden first warned Israel to abandon its plan to move the Palestinian people to Egypt or, failing that, to eradicate them from the face of the earth, and Tel Aviv didn’t obey him.

The “Jewish supremacists” are behaving today as they did in 1948.

When the United Nations voted to create two federated states in Palestine, one Hebrew and one Arab, the armed forces self-proclaimed the Hebrew state before its borders had been fixed. The “Jewish supremacists” immediately expelled millions of Palestinians from their homes (the “Nakhba”) and assassinated the UN special representative who had come to create a Palestinian state. The seven Arab armies (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and North Yemen) that tried to oppose them were quickly swept aside.

Today, they are no more obedient to their protectors and massacre again, without realizing that this time the world is watching and no one will come to their rescue. At a time when the Shiites accept the principle of a Hebrew state, their madness is jeopardizing the very existence of that state.

We remember how the Soviet Union collapsed. The state was unable to protect its own population during a catastrophic accident. 4,000 Soviets died at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (1986), saving their fellow citizens. The survivors wondered why, 69 years after the October Revolution, they continued to accept an authoritarian regime. Mikhail Gorbachev, First Secretary of the CPSU, wrote that it was only when he saw this disaster that he realized his regime was under threat.

Then came the December riots in Kazakhstan, independence demonstrations in the Baltic states and Armenia. Gorbachev amended the Constitution to remove the Party’s old guard. But his reforms were not enough to stop the fire spreading to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine and Belarus. The uprising of the East German Young Communists against the Brezhnev doctrine led to the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989). The crumbling of power in Moscow led to the cessation of aid to allies, including Cuba (1990). Finally came the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the break-up of the Union (1991). In just over 5 years, an Empire that everyone thought would last forever has collapsed in on itself.

This inevitable process has just begun for the “American Empire”. The question is not how far Benjamin Netanyahu’s “revisionist Zionists” will go, but how far the US imperialists will support them. At what point will Washington decide it has more to lose by allowing Palestinian civilians to be massacred than by correcting Israel’s leaders?

The same problem faces him in Ukraine. The military counter-offensive by Volodymyr Zelensky’s government has failed. Russia is no longer seeking to destroy Ukrainian weapons, which are immediately replaced by weapons donated by Washington, but to kill those who wield them. The Russian armies are behaving like a gigantic crushing machine, slowly and inexorably killing all Ukrainian soldiers who approach the Russian defense lines. Kiev can no longer mobilize fighters, and its soldiers refuse to obey orders that condemn them to certain death. Its officers have no choice but to shoot the pacifists.

Many US, Ukrainian and Israeli leaders are already talking about replacing the Ukrainian “integral nationalist” coalition with the “Jewish supremacist” coalition, but the wartime period does not lend itself to this. But it will have to be done.

President Joe Biden has to replace his Ukrainian puppet and his barbaric Israeli allies, just as First Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev had to replace his insensitive representative in Khazakhstan, paving the way for widespread challenges to corrupt leaders. Once Zelensky and Netanyahu have been dismissed, everyone will know that it is possible to get the head of a Washington representative, and everyone will know that they must flee before they are sacrificed.

This process is not only inevitable, it’s inexorable. President Joe Biden can only do what he can to slow it down, to make it last, not to stop it.

The peoples and leaders of the West must now take the initiative to get out of this predicament, without waiting to be abandoned, as Cuba did at the cost of the privations of its “special period”. This is a matter of urgency: the last to react will have to foot the bill for everyone else. Many states from the “rest of the world” are already fleeing. They are queuing up to join the BRICS or the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Even more than Russia, which had to break away from the Baltic States, the United States must prepare for domestic uprisings. When the US is no longer able to impose the dollar on international trade, and its standard of living collapses, the poorer regions will refuse to obey, while the richer ones will become independent, starting with the republics of Texas and California (the only ones legally able to do so, according to the Treaties) [1]. The break-up of the USA is likely to result in civil war.

The disappearance of the USA will lead to the disappearance of NATO and the European Union. Germany, France and the U.K. will find themselves faced with their old rivalries, having failed to respond when the time was right.

Within a few years, Israel and the “American Empire” will disappear. Those who fight against the direction of history will provoke wars and unnecessary deaths in their numbers.

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  1. Many have drawn parallels with Europe, only weeks before the outbreak of a WW1 nobody wanted.

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  1. Alistair Crooke uses the metaphor of the scorpion and the frog.

    “The chimaera being presented is one that by reaching back to earliest Zionist ideology, Israel can turn the catastrophe in Gaza – as Finance Minister Smotrich has long argued – into a solution that once and for all ‘unilaterally resolves the inherent contradiction between Jewish and Palestinian aspirations – by ending the illusion that any kind of compromise, reconciliation or partition is possible.

    This is the potential scorpion sting: the Israeli cabinet betting all on a hugely risky strategy – a new Nakba – that could draw Israel into major conflict, but in so doing also sink what remains of western prestige.”

    This recent interview involving Crooke is also worth the time:

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