‘Resilience’ – a sneaky neoliberal trope

27 Jun

In his post yesterday, blogger, tax specialist and MMT pundit Richard Murphy cites a tweet by a Dr James Davies:

‘Resilience’ is a sneaky neoliberal trope. It frames, as a psychological virtue, painful endurance of circumstances from which others benefit at your expense.

We all do well to reflect on the truth – amid an ocean of lies – on that beautifully framed observation.

(Though methinks it would benefit from the preceding of “painful endurance” with “needlessly”.)

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3 Replies to “‘Resilience’ – a sneaky neoliberal trope

    • Thanks for the link Jams. Some useful stuff – including this contextual gem:

      “The US dollar’s dominance as the global reserve currency is now in free fall as its rate of decline in the last 12 months is running at 10x the rate of the last 20 years. From 73% in 2001, down to 55% in 2021, and 47% in 2022. It is in such steep decline now that it is impossible to predict where it will be by year’s end.”

      I’ve long argued that by the oft stated criteria attributed to what constitutes Capitalism what we have, in systemic terms, does not fit that criteria. Along with those like Micheal Hudson it seems reasonable to conclude that what we have better fits the criteria of Feudalism.

      The linked reference in the article to an earlier one by the same author about the creation of the US Central Bank in 1913 probably came from this very lengthy source:


      Which seems to have been reformatted onto a different URL since I first came across it just over ten years back (back then it was “only” just over 200 pages in length).

      • Nice to see ‘Old Ez’ getting some good publicity, for a change. I like his poetry while agreeing with his summation of his error in ‘indulging in a bourgeoise prejudice’. I’ve added the rest of the article to my reading list. Thanks Dave.

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