Thank God Trump lost!

27 Dec

I drew disapproving comment from liberal pals for refusing to dance in the streets at the US election results, November 2019. It’s depressing how not only those liberals – some of them dear to me but from whom, frankly, I expected no better – but a sizeable slice of the Left lined up to assure me that, bad as Joe Biden might be, a second Trump term would be far worse.

(Those were days of deja-vu.  In 2016 I’d been called, among other things, ‘human excrement’ by FB friends of the erstwhile first lady for my perverse failure to see that the venal warmonger Hillary Clinton, with her WW3-inducing “no fly zones” for Syria, had been a far better choice for humankind than the tangerine narcissist. Such is the infantilising debasement, to which a 97% fake democracy 1 reduces most of us, that we even think in oligarch-binary: loather of Clinton or Biden = standard bearer for Trump.)

Today, in a post with the heavily ironic title, Why I’m glad Joe Biden beat Donald Trump, Caitlin Johnstone lists seven reasons, seven causes for celebration, for her sense of great relief. Having led us through such horrors averted or ended as …

  1. immigrant abuse, kids-in-cages fashion;
  2. the normalising and whitewashing of neo-Nazis;
  3. continuation of the proxy war on Iran in Yemen;
  4. an Iran nuclear deal dead in the water;
  5. further escalation of America’s eyewatering arms-spend and
  6. the end of Roe v Wade …

… she ends on an even more sarcastic ‘high’ with Biden’s studious aversion of anything that might trigger, however inadvertently, Armageddon:

7. Trump would probably have us on the brink of World War III by now.

That crazy bastard would probably have us staring down the barrel of nuclear armageddon if he’d won re-election.

Thank God he didn’t win!

Yessir, there sure are a lot of reasons to be thankful things turned out the way they did on that crucial November day. Three cheers to the man who saved us from the awful fate of what could have been! Three cheers for President Trump!

I mean Biden.

President Biden.

Read Caitlin’s post in full …

* * *

  1. I say 97% rather than 100% fake because, rigged as our so-called democratic processes are – not least by thoroughly and systemically corrupt media which alone would render democratic choice meaningless because uninformed – they at times deliver results other than those the most powerful sections of our ruling classes wanted. One such result was Trump’s election; another, Brexit. FWIW, and for all the corruption of the EU, I too had not – for reasons given in several posts on this site – wanted the latter.

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