More on the Iran-Saudi deal

14 Mar

“This is big”, wrote Moon of Alabama on March 10 in his opener to a piece featured in my post next day. Even corporate media couldn’t ignore it altogether, though they continue to do their level best to downplay its significance. I speak of the deal brokered in and by Beijing, between the region’s leading Shia and Sunni powers, which advances the thing Washington and Israel most fear in the middle east.


I was alerted to the MoA offering by a steel city reader. Last night another reader sent me this characteristically lucid, but more detailed, presentation of why Moon of Alabama – not known for effusiveness – opened as he did.

You’ll need to set aside close to three-quarters of an hour for Ben Norton, on why the deal in Beijing matters. It’s worth it.


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    • The centrist but less slavishly pro US Al-Monitor is also cautionary.

      As regards MoA’s closing words:

      Both, Israel and the U.S, are capable and likely willing to do whatever is necessary to prevent an implementation of the deal. They can probable use their good relations with the United Arab Emirates to make things difficult. False flag attacks in Iran and in Saudi Arabia could be a way to do that. If a new ‘Iranian’ drone attack happens in Saudi oil fields or new ‘Saudi financed’ terrorist attack in Iran happen the deal could indeed be scraped.

      One hopes that China and the other parties involved in the deal are conscious of that.

      They most assuredly are.

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