What kind of Britain votes tomorrow?

2 Jul

The rentier nature of British capital is revealed by this IPPR report: “Corporate investment has fallen below the rate of depreciation – meaning that our capital stock is falling – and investment in research and development (R&D) is lower than in our … Read More »

UK election: the fox and henhouse

28 Jun

Two days ago I wrote of … …. mealymouthed and regally ignorant pomposity from a man of whom, within narrow limits and paired with caveats and disclaimers, I often write approvingly … … while further unflattering descriptions were added by … Read More »

The Reeves’ Tale

12 Mar

Yesterday I visited my friend and steel city reader, Dave Hansell, a denizen of Stocksbridge so almost a Sheffielder. Dave, who knows the Labour Party inside out, has a thousand tales to tell of dirty tricks and flat out incompetence … Read More »