Should Trump be in jail? Of course!

3 Jun

Trump is awful; I’ve been observing his entire public career. But Empires in decline puke up men like him; product of the merger of neoliberal political economy and neoconservative imperial reflex.

Michael Fiorillo – open thread comment on Naked Capitalism

Leaving aside the sleaze linking him to son Hunter, Joe Biden is openly committing war crimes in Gaza, dancing with WW3 in Ukraine and spoiling for the same – “now or never, before they get too strong for us” – with China. As for his former boss, the previous Democrat prez, I reckon this pretty much covers it.

War crimes go with the job. Securing the big money backing – last figure I read was $2.7bn – to be even in the running for the Oval Office requires levels of psychopathy few of us possess. Yet we’re expected to believe there’s something toxically egregious about the tangerine narcissist, convicted two days ago of conspiring to pay off a porn star to STFU about their antics between the sheets. 1

Or to stand this on its head and look at it from a Trump fanbase rather than ‘woke’ perspective, that we should be outraged at such manifestly partisan lawfare.

Jeez! Here with a touch of her straight-from-the-shoulder, down-under sanity, is @caitoz. 2

Trump? Far too vulgar to be One Of Us …

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  1. I’m being a tad cavalier here. Trump was not convicted of “paying off a porn star”. He was convicted of misusing Democrat funds. Leave aside the very serious doubts as to whether Trump would even have known about this, some will recall that Hillary Clinton was found guilty of the same over the far more serious “Russiagate” lie. Her penalty? An $8,000 fine.
  2. Speaking of Caitlin’s “straight-from-the-shoulder, down-under sanity”, just today on her blog she spells out – as, in our different ways, have Jonathan Cook, yours truly and a good few others – why she doesn’t condemn the Hamas Uprising of October 7. For the same reason she doesn’t condemn Cindy Hendy for stabbing Cynthia Vigil in the neck with an ice pick.

    If the comparison leaves you in the dark, check out her two minute read.

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