The train from Oslo to Bergen

6 May

After three delightful days in summery Oslo, pictures yet to be processed, Jackie and I boarded the 12:03 to Bergen yesterday, Sunday. I hope your enjoyment of these snaps isn’t marred too much by motion blur and ghosting, for which I blame dazzling sun on snow, and reflections on carriage window.

At its highest point the train rises to over 4,000 feet above sea level; the height of Ben Nevis. A succession of lake after frozen lake – surely now treacherous given the time of year, and their being distinguishable from terra firma  solely by spirit level flatness – shows the course of the river threading through all of them as a ribbon of snaking turquoise.

Equipped with my inflatable kayak and a death wish, I could paddle this meltwater-boosted but otherwise placid stream.

Down at fjord level the snow is gone. The end is nigh for our seven hour ride.

* * *

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