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10 Mar

On his blog yesterday, commenting on the Gary Lineker brouhaha, Professor Richard Murphy notes correctly that:

We live in a surreal world where calling out fascists is, apparently, much worse than being a fascist.

​To which my reply, currently awaiting moderation​, is this:

And where an Australian citizen can – aided immensely by the smears and vilification of a liberal intelligentsia and its media – be detained for over a decade and psychologically destroyed by the Swedish and above all British Governments at the behest of their Washington overlords while his own and equally craven government scarce lifts a finger. His crime? Calling out the war crimes of the US empire, by any quantifiable measure the most tyrannical regime on earth.

Off topic? Only if we fail to do as E M Forster urges, and Only Connect …

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  1. And on that note (‘only connect’)

    Hot on the heels of today’s announcement that China has brokered a deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia – see this take from Bernard at Moon of Alabama …

    ….the Chinese have just publicly done to the US what Felix Tshisekedi, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, did to Macron last week:

    Headline: China to US: Stop plundering Syrian resources, pull troops out

    Taster: “We call on the United States to sincerely respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of other countries, and to immediately stop its illegal military presence and marauding in Syria”, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told a news briefing on Friday.

    China also urged the US to lift the illegal sanctions slapped on Syria and to stop all actions that exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the country.

    The United States has illegally intervened in military activities related to the Syrian crisis, which has led to the death of a large number of innocent civilians and a serious humanitarian disaster,” Mao said, adding that his government calls on the US authorities to lift “illegal unilateral sanctions” against Syria and to stop actions that aggravate the humanitarian situation in the country.

    The multipolar world is starting to flex its muscles. In not only military terms but also diplomatic, economic, Geo-political, and cultural terms the US and its Zone A satellites are facing multiple fronts opening up which the ‘absolutist freaks’ running the show will find difficult if not impossible to counter and contain.

    As Andrei Martyanov likes to put it; the butt-hurt will be off the scale.

  2. Spot on. It would be nice to think that the vicious clowns in the US government will pay any attention to the Chinese, but we can only hope.

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