Steel city house gets new keyboard mat!

5 Aug

Steel city scribblings is back in the steel city, after nigh on five years in Nottingham. Its news room, control panel and nerve centre is sited in the attic of our typically Sheffield – two-up, two-down with an attic – late Victorian terraced. Alas, my crack of dawn Stakhanovian work routines have disturbed Jackie, in the bedroom directly below.

Excessive force on the keyboard has been alleged.

The newly purchased JIALONG Large Mouse Mat, Gaming Mouse Pad with Superior Micro-Weave Cloth …

… does more than address and lay to rest such small-minded carps, borne of a myopic failure to see the bigger picture. That superior micro-weave cloth not only delivers keyboard stealth with wet suit washability. It also facilitates rapid but unerring geostrategic appraisal.

Now with time zones.

* * *

4 Replies to “Steel city house gets new keyboard mat!

    • I’ve assigned two of the most experienced investigative journalists on the steel city payroll to look into this question.

    • I was going to make that point too. Thanks Dave. Mercator distorts the sizes of Russia and Canada too much for comfort, giving a false sense of ‘security’ 🙂

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