Col. Kemp on Rafah: “IDF has no choice!”

14 Feb

Playing her dutiful part in the tsunami of panicked responses to the Putin interview was one Madison Czopek, of whom I wrote that she:

.. writes for Politifact, a self-anointed ‘fact checker’ site of a kind I’ve covered elsewhere. This one is owned by a Poynter Institute whose funders include Charles Koch Institute, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Washington Post (i.e. Jeff Bezos). Anyone who thinks I need say more should lay off the weed and find out how the real world works.

My frequent attacks on the systemic corruption of corporate media in the West tend to focus on their political economy. Since oligarch-ownership is obvious, and by that fact marginally less insidious, I concentrate most of my fire on their dependence on advertising, and/or billionaire donors of Gates and Soros stripe. As Chomsky put it:

Media are large corporations selling privileged audiences to other large corporations. Now the question is: what pictures of the world would a rational person expect from this?

Equally insidious is media use of experts offered as impartial when they are nothing of the kind. Yesterday TalkTV (recently featured on this site over the racism masquerading as feminism of Julia Hartley Brewer) had former army officer and Joint Intelligence Committee staffer Colonel Richard Kemp on the show to offer genocide apologetics ….

… but forgot to inform viewers of his ties with the perpetrators of said genocide. 1

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  1. Note the plaudits Col. Kemp picks up below the line.

2 Replies to “Col. Kemp on Rafah: “IDF has no choice!”

  1. I got to around the 4-min mark, but couldn’t stand any more from this bloodthirsty maniac, whose apparent strategy of aggressive stupidity (in the form of regular articles on Ukraine in the Telegraph) has been regularly pulled apart by Alexander Mercouris on the Duran.

    It appears that, on the genocide in Palestine, he is equally – if not more – lamentably offensive; and his words are, for me, even *more* pernicious here, given the horrific context and the fact that they are dressed up in such a disgusting, British-colonial, self-righteous-bordering-on-racist ‘matter-of-fact’ tone.

    Whay an indescribably pathetic excuse for a human being he is.

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