The public grief of Howard Jacobson

15 Oct

Today’s Observer features an opinion piece by British novelist and journalist, Howard Jacobson. Under the header – Victim-blaming is a crime to progressives. Except when it comes to … Jews 1– he opens with his grief for fellow Jews killed by Hamas. That’s a human reaction we can all understand, and I for one have no desire to slight or otherwise take away from its sincerity.

My issue is with two things. One is the extrinsic factor that Howard Jacobson’s point of view is of a piece with the overwhelming thrust of Guardian Media Group coverage this past week. It’s all very well pointing out, as two readers did yesterday, that GMG ran a pro Palestinian piece the same day by Sarah Helms. But as I wrote in response:

… the quantitative trumps the qualitative. A content analysis of Guardian coverage of Palestine this past week will show the Sarah Helm piece to be the exception proving the rule – that for every Guardian word in support of the Palestinian case there’ll be a thousand trashing or covertly denying it.

The other is intrinsic to Howard Jacobson’s words. This man grieves for his people, and in other circumstances would be entitled to leeway over arguments made in distress. But these are not other circumstances. He chose to vent his grief in a public and influential space even as a scale of slaughter already dwarfing the numbers slain by Hamas, a fact wholly consistent with body counts at large in the apartheid Jewish State …

…. was and remains in full swing.

Credit where it’s due, Mr Jacobson does have tears to spare for Gaza’s grieving, but see how he lessens and in effect undermines his own protestations of empathy:

And these are Gazans I am weeping for. For all I know, they were dancing in these now ruined streets when pictures of butchered Israelis went around the world. For all I know, they are crying today for terrorists – perhaps their own children or brothers – who didn’t make it back to boast of the number of Israelis they had killed. And it’s very likely they taught their children from the cradle to despise all Jews, for that was no occasional, skin-deep animosity in southern Israel last week. I am sorrowing for an old man and a distraught mother who think I am an animal and that my children are animals, too.

But for the very reason that I am not an animal I can see them only as people with feelings like my own. Grief is grief. Fear is fear. What we share we should not scorn. [emphasis added]

Of which I say three things:

  1. That “for all I know …”  is a disgrace. For all I know, Netanyahu and Biden hook up every New Year’s Eve to dine on roasted Palestinian children. The statement adds nothing to our knowledge or understanding but does stoke bilious hatreds – again, under cover of grief and even empathy.
  2. Ditto the “it’s very likely …”. It deploys a key theme of Israeli apologetics: that antipathy to a racist state is at root itself racist, and not politically driven.
  3. Most extraordinary of all is his “I am not an animal …”  That pretty speech by Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, announcing Israel’s intent to commit the war crime of collective punishment, can hardly have escaped Mr Jacobson’s notice:

We are fighting human animals and we act accordingly. We are imposing a complete siege on Gaza. There will be no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel. Everything will be closed.

Later Mr Jacobson offers this:

… an educated Gazan woman tries my humanity to its limits when she assures [BBC] Newsnight that “Maybe Hamas killed Israeli soldiers,” but shrugs aside the suggestion they killed anyone else. She shakes her head. “No, we do not kill.” It’s impossible to know whether she is afraid to admit the truth or simply does not believe it. [emphasis added]

The “limits” to Howard Jacobson’s “humanity” are swiftly reached, if the free pass he in effect gives the collective lethal punishment of Gaza is anything to go on. But soon enough we’re back with the animal thing:

Who but a demi-wolf would tear the life out of sleeping babies? Not even if those babies are Jews? Not even if they illegally occupy Palestinian land? Now there you have me.

I shouldn’t be surprised that Guardian editors allow such incendiary licence. I’ve long known the “comment is free but facts are sacred”  canard to be a hollow and selectively applied sentiment at GMG. Just for the record, here’s Al Jazeera on the subject:

When US President Joe Biden publicly expressed his outrage at Hamas militants who invaded southern Israel and beheaded babies they had killed at Kfar Aza kibbutz last weekend, the public shock was both extensive and understandable. The gruesome news spanned the world’s media in hours.

But subsequent reports revealed that no such beheadings have been verified by any Israeli or international source – probably because they never happened. This was just one dramatic incident of false reports spreading in the public sphere via mass media to denigrate one’s foes and support one’s allies. Thousands of other false reports like this circulate daily in the media – though not necessarily so savage, or spread by such luminaries as the most powerful man on Earth, at the height of an intense conflict in Palestine and Israel that has polarised global opinion.

The beheaded babies tale originated with a report on Israel’s i24News site by reporter Nicole Zedeck, from her interview with Israeli reserve soldier David Ben Zion. Max Blumenthal and Alexander Rubinstein reportedon October 11 that Ben Zion is a notorious radical leader in Israel’s West Bank settler movement. Among other things, he called on rampaging armed settlers earlier this year to wipe out the Palestinian village of Harawa, which settlers attacked and burned several times.

Media around the world quickly picked up the i24News report, and the Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesman said that babies and toddlers “with their heads decapitated” had been found at the site. CNN, among others, reported beheadings and “ISIS-style executions”. When journalists asked a spokesman for the Israeli military about the story, the reply was, “We cannot confirm but you can assume it happened.”

Within days the Israeli foreign ministry and armed forces and some correspondents said there was no evidence for the beheadings, and the White House said Biden was quoting press reports he’d read. It seemed clear by October 12 that no evidence existed to confirm the baby beheadings story. It was fake news, planted by an ideological warrior to stoke tensions in the heat of battle.

Moving on:

What we don’t know about the education of a terrorist we can guess. But those in European capitals who celebrated the slaughter of Jews of all ages present a greater challenge to comprehension. How does a feminist put aside all she believes to cheer on a rapist? Is rape in one cause allowably different from rape in another? How many lecturers in human rights partied through the night after being shown the footage of Israelis denied their right to live? [emphasis added]

Again, a few remarks:

  1. For light on the education of terrorists we might look to the training of an Israel Defence Force whose soldiers abet the atrocities of illegal settlers, take out journalists (for obvious reasons) and enthusiastically uphold the ‘right’ of a state meeting standard definitions of apartheid to oppress, humiliate and terrorise a people deemed inferior.
  2. Howard Jacobson doesn’t tell us who is celebrating the slaughter of Jews – as opposed to celebrating what, seemingly, was a remarkable operation of the kind routinely glorified when US Navy Seals, British SAS or crack Israeli units perform lethal acts with chutzpah.  Either we condemn violence of any stripe, or refrain from pushing out absurdly one-sided drivel on the matter.
  3. Feminists cheering on rapists? Mr Jacobson: (a) offers zero evidence of rape (we might validly posit Hamas, for all its other sins, being less culpable here than other armies in the red mist of slaughter); (b) fails to identify – a recurring theme, this – which ‘feminists’ cheer it on.
  4. How many human rights lecturers partied through the night? Is Mr Jacobson wearing his story-telling or journalist hat here? Or does he think his very public grieving absolves him of all responsibility to differentiate?

Enough. It’s time we cut to the chase in the form of ..:

… the fallacious narrative that Zionists dropped out of a clear blue sky to occupy someone else’s country …

What a childishly strawman argument! No informed authority on what happened in 1948 and its run-up suggests Zionists dropped out of a sky of any hue. For what happened, try the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe. 2 For why Western governments let it happen, try my review of Israel: a Beachhead. I’ve plugged it a few times this past week (though its author and I part company on that other WW3 flashpoint on Russia’s southwestern border) but make no apologies for that. As with Ukraine and Taiwan, arguments exclusively focused on the rights and wrongs at ground level too often miss the bigger picture …

Here again is the link to Howard Jacobson’s Observer piece.


I’ll close with three picks from today’s other output on this subject. First, Seymour Hersh:


As refugees crowd the border with Egypt, Israel prepares to hit Gaza City with US-supplied bunker busters

It’s been one week since the horrific Hamas attacks on Israel took place. The shape of what is to come from the Israeli armed forces is clear, and uncompromising. 

Over the past week Israeli jets have conducted around-the-clock bombing of non-military targets in Gaza City. Apartment buildings, hospitals, and mosques were torn apart, with no prior warning and no effort to minimize civilian casualties.

By the end of the week Israeli jets were also dropping leaflets telling the citizens of Gaza City and its surrounding areas in the north that those who wished to survive had better start going south—walking if necessary—25 miles or more—to the Rafah border crossing leading to Egypt …


Among other aspects of his post today – including not only his familiar turf of assessing balance of forces but, more unusually for him, a stab at media analysis – Simplicius the Thinker zeros in on the significance for Egypt of forcing more than a million collectively punished Gazaans down to the Rafah crossing:

Israeli Conflict Takes Eschatological Turn …

… Naturally, the northern Erez checkpoint is off limits, and they want Palestinians to flood south, eventually to use the Rafah checkpoint to clear out to Egypt.

The goal is for the IDF to storm northern Gaza and force everyone to the south. Once that’s accomplished, they will announce a new sector to be cleared, and continue pushing southward until every single Palestinian is ethnically cleansed and pushed out through Rafah into Egypt’s Sinai.

Don’t believe me? It was confirmed just yesterday in a brilliant verbal trap set by Marc Lamont Hill in his interview with advisor to Netanyahu, Danny Ayalon. Listen very carefully to the second half of the interview where Hill cajoles Ayalon into admitting the truth of their plans:

“We want to open a humanitarian corridor so they can leave…”

“Only through the Rafah border right?”

Ayalon gives a very unctuous smirk—he knows he’s been had. Flushing, he desperately tries to deflect to another topic.

It’s ironic, by the way, that Lamont Hill is the guy who was famously fired by CNN for making an “anti-Israel” statement.

It’s clear as day for anyone with eyes to see. Israel is blocking off the northern half of Gaza, bombing anyone who goes there, in order to push the entire population south into Egypt. It’s textbook ethnic cleansing and genocide …


Israel has been struggling with a rapidly worsening PR crisis ever since Palestinians started getting internet access and smartphones with video cameras and exposing Israeli apartheid abuses. So if you’re wondering why they cut off Gaza’s internet and electricity, that’s why. 

Studded as ever with insightful gems, my final choice for today is – surprise surprise – Caitlin Johnstone again. I’m replicating her post in full:

It’s Not The ‘Israel-Hamas War’, It’s The Israel-Gaza Massacre

Calling it the Israel-Hamas war creates the false impression that this is a war that is directed exclusively at Hamas when it’s really an ethnic purge that’s directed at all Palestinians in Gaza.

Stop calling it the “Israel-Hamas war”. It’s the Israel-Gaza massacre. Calling it the Israel-Hamas war creates the false impression that this is a war that is directed exclusively at Hamas when it’s really an ethnic purge that’s directed at all Palestinians in Gaza. 

The child body count alone makes it clear that this isn’t a war against Hamas; I saw an anonymous account point out on Twitter that the number of children killed in this onslaught after one week already exceeds the total number of children killed after a year and a half of fighting in Ukraine, per the United Nations.

Laying complete siege to a civilian population and bombing anything that stands would be an extraordinary abomination in any war. And this is not a war, it’s an enclosed shooting range with military explosives and human targets.

Americans should probably worry about the rapid legitimization of this idea that civilians who have a government that kills people are all legitimate targets.

According to the logic of collective punishment we’re seeing circulated with regard to Gazans and Hamas, all American civilians deserve to die horribly because they permit themselves to be ruled by a regime which is orders of magnitude more violent and destructive than Hamas.

Hamas is responsible for Hamas’ decisions, Israel is responsible for Israel’s decisions. Hamas is responsible for the Hamas attack, Israel is responsible for provoking that attack via apartheid abuses and for bombing civilians in retaliation for it. It’s not actually complicated.

Israel has been struggling with a rapidly worsening PR crisis ever since Palestinians started getting internet access and smartphones with video cameras and exposing Israeli apartheid abuses. So if you’re wondering why they cut off Gaza’s internet and electricity, that’s why. 

Israel was 100% aware that cutting off power and internet to Gaza would prevent Palestinians from recording and publishing footage of its coming war crimes. They struck a fatal blow to citizen journalism in Gaza, thereby blinding the whole world to what’s happening there.

The mass media asked you to believe the Hamas attack was “unprovoked”. Then they asked you to believe blatant babies-on-bayonets atrocity propaganda. Now they’re asking you to believe Jewish kids were in school before dawn on a Saturday morning in Israel. Western journalism, folks.

The only reason so many Israel apologists scrambled to circulate unverified stories about beheaded babies and mass rapes instead of waiting for evidence was to make the real atrocities Israel is perpetrating and will continue to perpetrate in Gaza look reasonable and appropriate.

After this current crisis is over I’m probably going to think a lot about the fact that MSNBC suspended three Muslim reporters during Israel’s Gaza assault because it didn’t want Muslims reporting on it.

I used to think all genocidal massacres are bad but then some really smart Israel apologists explained to me that this genocidal massacre is completely different because this genocidal massacre’s perpetrators believe they are doing the right thing for a good reason.

If there were two million Jewish people trapped by Christians in a giant open-air prison and placed under total siege, being told that half of them had 24 hours to relocate into the other half or be killed, nobody would have any confusion about what they were witnessing.

Everyone’s got a serious case of 9/11 brain right now.

You know about 9/11 brain, kids? It’s when something scary happens and everyone goes insane and starts believing a bunch of lies and consenting to power-serving agendas that do exponentially more damage than the initial trauma.

I keep getting people acting like it’s controversial or even outlandish to say that Israel is an apartheid state. It’s not. The leading mainstream western human rights groups say it’s apartheid, as does the top human rights group in Israel.

They said we need more censorship because of Covid. They said we need more censorship because of Russia. They said we need more censorship because of January 6. Now they say we need more censorship because of the Hamas attack.

Maybe they just want more censorship?

The primary job of Israel apologists in the coming days is going to be finding ways to spin this self-evidently terrible thing as perfectly fine and appropriate.

Before engaging an Israel apologist in a debate about the ongoing Gaza purge, it’s probably a good idea to ask them to clarify whether there’s any amount of death and destruction Israel could inflict there that would cause them to stop supporting what Israel is doing. Is there a death count that they’d consider too much? How many dead Palestinian civilians are they willing to tolerate in this current operation? Tell them to give you a number.

If they can’t give you a number and place a limit on how much human butchery they’re willing to accept from Israel, that tells you they’re not actually defending Israel for reasons that have anything to do with humanitarian concerns or valuing human life. They’re saying they’ll defend Israel no matter what it does and no matter how many atrocities it commits, because their support for Israel is entirely based on ideology and/or religion. In which case there’s no reason to continue the debate, because you can’t debate someone out of their Christian fundamentalism or Zionism or Islamophobia or whatever it is that’s driving their support. They’re not arguing with you out of any interest in morality or justice or truth or facts, they’re arguing with you solely to advance an agenda.

The greatest trick white anti-semites ever pulled was getting Jews to leave western society in droves and move to a far away country to spend their lives beating up Muslims.

* * *

  1. As regards Howard Jacobson’s title, it’s my experience as a septuagenarian gentile that for liberal progressives the default position was one of sympathy for Israel on account of the Holocaust and, on shakier grounds, admiration for ‘making the desert bloom’ and a military derring-do showcased as David prevailing over Goliath. That tide of pro-Israeli sentiment began to turn in the 80s: its signature event the 1982 massacre at Shatila and Sabra.
  2. Since writing this post a reader has sent me a Scott Ritter piece – longer than any other I’ve read by him – of extraordinary compassion, depth and view-from-the-trenches detail. At 8,500 words it’s no five minute read but I cannot recommend it highly enough.

13 Replies to “The public grief of Howard Jacobson

  1. To my fellow Israelis: We can stop this Jonathan Ofir on February 8, 2016  An open letter to my fellow Israelis:

    I have to tell you first that our evaluation of Israeli history omits so much atrocity from our side. Indeed, much of it is still classified – even back to 1948. Yes, you may have heard about the Deir Yassin massacre, it is often taught in school books, yet portrayed as an aberration, perpetrated by “extremist”, “rogue” factions before the Declaration of Independence (although the leaders of those extremist factions became our Prime Ministers). But what of the dozens of other massacres perpetrated by – us – in 1948, indeed by the very IDF? Have you read about Al Dawayima, which was apparently worse than Deir Yassin? Yair Auron just wrote about it in Haaretz, I translated and put it out here and on my Facebook page. Go and read. It’s a letter which is out for the first time in full, but it’s no secret as such – excerpts of it have been out for decades – as have many other testimonies and documents, for those who care to seek and look.

    When you sum up the systematic mass executions, the many gang-rape cases (which have been slow to be uncovered, because they involve shame on both fronts), the crushing of children’s skulls with sticks, the ripping out of fetuses from their mothers’ wombs – all, and many more, perpetrated by “us”, the “good guys”, the “cultured elite” – often in situations which presented no danger, just out of pure gratuitous sadism and hate for the “Arabs” – then you may begin to realise, that Israel is not in a war of survival, a war of an elite and advanced culture in a “bad neighborhood” of backwards Arab sub-culture.

    Let me put it out there, clearly and directly: We have been acting like animals, with barbarism of a degree which indeed could be, and should be, and has been, compared to those whom we love to hate – the Nazis – whose cruelty is supposed to exonerate ours…

    Israeli Official Calls for Razing Palestinian Town of Huwara. March 3, 2023

    The vicious statement by Bezalel Smotrich, finance minister in Netanyahu’s ultra-right government, comes days after the town of Huwara was attacked by hundreds of settlers.
    By Peoples Dispatch
    Days after it came under attack from illegal Israeli settlers, the Palestinian town of Huwara, near Nablus, was targeted by Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich on Wednesday.
    In a TV interview, Smotrich claimed that calls made by some of the extremist settlers to raze the town were just, and that instead of leaving the task to private individuals, “the state [of Israel] should be the one to do that.”

    Smotrich has been a leader of the settler movement before becoming a minister in the present ultra-right government in Israel led by Benjamin Netanyahu. He also looks after settler affairs in the occupied West Bank.

    Huwara was attacked by hundreds of Israeli settlers on Sunday. At least one Palestinian was killed and close to 400 were injured. The attacking settlers torched scores of Palestinian homes and burnt their property under the full protection of Israeli security forces.

    The attacks on Huwara have not ceased since. The Israeli security forces shut down all Palestinian businesses in the town, and they remained shut even four days after the attack. A group of settlers reportedly attacked the residents of the town on Wednesday as well, when a U.S. delegation was visiting the town.

    • Jonathan Ofir has it exactly right. But the Jewish community is just like other communities – there are a few like him who put truth before anything else, but most are content just to follow the line of least resistance and revert to tribal solidarity thinking regardless of inconvenient facts, plus there is always a pathological minority whose only desire is conquest and domination irrespective of how many lives are lost on either side.

  2. Hi Phil,
    this from Vox Political(Mike Sivier)

    Sat 14/10/2023 13:06
    Vox Political
    New comment!

    James just commented on Crackdown on support for Palestine as Western ‘democracies’ ban free speech.

    “What happens when your government supports a genocidal, far-right-wing foreign regime, demands that you support its actions in spite of the transparent lies it and its client media are feeding you… and you refuse to comply? This: France & Germany have made it illegal to show public support for Palestine. “— Tory Fibs (@ToryFibs) October… Continue reading Untitled

    4 DEC 1948: The New York Times published a letter by a group of Jewish dignitaries, including Albert Einstein and political theorist Hannah Arendt, protesting a visit to the United States by Menachem Begin and denouncing his Herut (Freedom) party on the grounds that it was, as they wrote, “a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.” Was Einstein ‘the wrong sort of Jew’?
    Read this: the 1948 letter to the New York Times from Albert Einstein and 20+ other Jewish intellectuals, and more: Einstein 1948 Letter New York Times Nakba.htm

    My own thoughts are that instead of rowing back on the prospect of becoming irrelevant with BRICS + proceeding at pace, we are in fact cutting our noses off to spite our faces in our complete denial of all that is actually happening by “standing by” our “good friends” the Israelis because to do otherwise would be admitting that Israel always has been and still is a disgraceful betrayal of the Palestinian peoples and dreadful mistake in supporting the Israeli terrorist state.
    I have to wonder are we really that vain and egotistical that we would rather be on the wrong side of humanity and so ignorant and bigoted we see ourselves superior than Arabs, negroes, Asians and all the other supposedly(according to Churchill) “inferior races”?
    That takes our view of entitlement and arrogance way beyond the pale.
    We are literally pulling the rug out from under our own feet by making more enemies (Moslems, Africans, various S. American countries) whilst losing even more friends(the aforesaid to include also the US and EU). BoJo goes to Washington and a Biden spokesman tells the press “Britain has neither anything we need nor want” and on another occasion in March “The special relationship between the US & UK is over” being just 2 examples of what the US really thinks of the UK, because we have become “an insignificant little island off the West Coast of Europe”
    I’m finding all this sympathy for Israelis and antipathy for Palestinians just a little depressing, surely we’re not that far removed from reality, or maybe we are.
    Antisemitism is real, but Israel’s behaviour towards the Palestinians is the real cause of it, too many people conflate Jewishness with Israeli bigotry and cruelty and it is taking us in all directions of wrong think. I wonder if we are heading towards civil violence against the establishment and each other.
    Did I mention that I was depressed?


  3. Jacobson:

    “And these are Gazans I am weeping for. For all I know, they were dancing in these now ruined streets when pictures of butchered Israelis went around the world.”

    It’s interesting phrasing. The “for all I know” bit i.e. the bit that conveys doubt refers to the Gazans dancing, NOT to the pictures of butchered Israelis. Now I don’t want to be impetuous here, for there may be pictures I haven’t seen, but the fact remains that this part of Jacobson’s text (which is emphasised by “pictures” that “went round the world”) is one I HAVEN’T seen! And, bearing in mind how those beheaded babies turned out to be a lie, I am certainly not going to place my faith in the kind of claims that Jacobson is making here.

    And it’s a very devious device i.e. to direct doubt to the lesser part of the claim whilst surreptitiously passing off the major part as beyond dispute.

  4. Not sure if this will get through as the link is not very reliable here in the Valadera resort in Cuba.(back in Manchester early Tuesday am).

    The clampdown on dissent from TON – which includes not only the Jacobson piece but scores of other so called media sites including Unherd and others which are openly putting out hit pieces othering and attacking anyone in the UK and the collective West who do not unconditionally accept this criminal and fascist narrative – needs to be both documented and called out for what it is. Which is a deliberate attempt on the part of both the media outlet and the individual “journalist” to further a war crime and legitimise it.

    This is now, as Craig Murray suggests, fascism in action across the entire Western world. Skwawkbox reports that the Loyal Opposition is banning members and MPs, on threat of expulsion from the LP, from deviating from the narrative. It is also reporting that Scotland Yard War Crimes Units seeking any evidence of war crimes in a context in which Tory MP Crispen Blunt has warned ToryMinisters they could face prosecution for assisting War Crimes.

    Such aiding and abetting is certainly not limited to Government Ministers or opposition figures of any Political party -Starmer and his entire front bench along with GS David Evans and others in the Party or employed by it who are enforcing this – but also all those involved from whatever media outlet to individual “journalists” Jacobson included. As a result it is an incumbent responsibility to document and record such instances of aiding and abetting these War Crimes and those agencies and individuals involved to submit that evidence – multiple times if necessary -to any and all relevant agencies in order to properly prosecute all those at every level who are involved in any current or future War Crimes investigations.

    I submitted an internal LP complaints procedure last night against the Party leadership and bureaucracy. When I’ve finally abandoned this scorching hot, but albeit extremely tozzin’ stretch of 12.5 km Caribbean beach and had a bit of kip on Tuesday I’ll be catching up and looking to submit something to relevant agencies like the Scotland Yard unit etc.

    Any help or similar initiatives would not go amis. After all, we all of us have a responsibility which it would be unreasonable to shirk

  5. In a voyeuristic society habituated to TV and cinema, the most potent propaganda comes from blending entertainment with politics. Thus the rulers have long made it a priority to coerce “the stars”:

    “CNN — More than 700 entertainment industry professionals have signed an open letter voicing their support for Israel and condemning Hamas as fighting continues in the Middle East…..

    The letter calls on leaders of the entertainment industry to “speak out forcefully against Hamas and do whatever is in their power to urge the terrorist organization to return the innocent hostages to their families.”

    “This is terrorism. This is evil. There is no justification or rationalization for Hamas’ actions,” the letter continued.”

    After which, this:

    “The letter also included a warning urging public figures in the entertainment industry to “to refrain from sharing misinformation about the war,” and to avoid amplifying any “propaganda.””

    This leads to this link:

    And a lot of non-committal waffle about “being robust” and giving and air of objectivity.

    And there is a bit of general stuff about finding peace etc. In short, the necessary liberal disclaimers which fool no-one since the villains and victims have already been assigned.

    Behind the weaselly posturing, this is clearly coercion. The proverbial “offer they can’t refuse”.

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