Yes, the West is losing its war on Russia!

12 Aug

Here’s the self explanatory header of a Washington Post opinion piece, earlier this summer.

Not only was its author – a lawyer and armchair general by the name of John Perazich – full on delusional. As Scott Ritter, below, spells out with commendable clarity, anyone who sees such a project as desirable is actually cheering on Armageddon.

No matter. Not two months later, with Kiev’s doomed ‘counteroffensive’ ground into the mud at cost of so many needless Ukrainian dead, the Jeff Bezos organ was singing in a decidedly more minor key:


As it happens, in his preamble to a piece on mixed messages re Warsaw’s souring relations with Kiev, Moscow based US analyst Andrew Korybko also notes that the West’s ‘quality’ media are beginning to dial down their erstwhile gung-ho tones. Here are the media stories he cites:

NBC News: Is Ukraine’s counteroffensive failing? Kyiv and its supporters worry about losing control of the narrative

CNN: Western allies receive increasingly ‘sobering’ updates on Ukraine’s counteroffensive: ‘This is the most difficult time of the war’

CNN: Why a stalled Ukrainian offensive could represent a huge political problem for Zelensky in the US

CNN: ‘We expected less resistance’: Ukrainian troops on southern front learn not to underestimate their enemy

The Hill: Alarm grows as Ukraine’s counteroffensive falters

Washington Post: Slow counteroffensive darkens mood in Ukraine

In this light, may I recommend a twenty minute slice of Scott Ritter? Yes him, the UN weapons inspector who at no small personal cost refused to endorse the “Saddam has WMDs”  lie which sold the “supreme international crime” – I use that term literally, pace  the Nuremberg Tribunal after WW2 – of waging aggressive war on Iraq.

Scott Ritter is one of the many ‘gamekeepers turned poacher’ I see as canaries in the coalmine. (Another, Douglas McGregor, was cited in my post just three days ago.)

His interviewer is George Galloway. The topic? Russia’s inevitable victory in Ukraine, and how the West’s corrupt leaders and compliant media will spin it. Please note, the exchanges this morning form part of Mr Galloway’s much longer, Mother Of All Talk Shows (MOATS) podcast. Once or twice they reference themes – like the Niger coup, and the fact Obama must have known of Vice President Biden’s corruption – not included in this segment. It’s no big problem.

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