Putin’s Navalnicide: at last, a motive!

26 Feb

News of Navalny’s death has been seized on – predictably is too weak a term – by ‘our’ politicians and media. Any headway made by the Tucker Carlson interview in shifting perceptions of Putin and the country he leads has, since humans are more psychological than logical animals, been set back. For the same reason the chances of a successful passage of the “aid package” for Ukraine in the US House of Representatives have been given a fillip. On these grounds – plus his having never exceeded 5% of domestic approval even in Western polls – the idea of Navalny being rubbed out by order of the Peaky Blinders Kremlin fails the cui bono?  test.

On the death of a dissident

I’ve said for years that when our ruling classes need it, The Guardian will be there for them.

  • Ukraine War as unprovoked? No worries: Guardian readers – some have degrees and doctorates you know! – will be helped to forget decades of NATO expansion, Nuland and McCain’s antics at Maidan Square, and years of Kiev slaughtering civilians in the Donbas.
  • Nord Stream pipeline? Easy peasy! Putin dunnit – Russians being too thick to see that if they wanted to starve Europe of cheap gas, they need only turn off the tap. And should that prove too insulting to the intelligence even of the clever fools on Planet Guardian, well, we’ll switch the story to one of baffling enigma, shall we, and file it with the UFO sightings and Mary Celeste?
  • Motive for slaying Navalny? This one took us a full ten days but – sorted  …

The Guardian, 26/02/24. Click on image for full – I use the word advisedly – story. Neat work by the picture editor, btw

So at last we have a motive. Never mind my remarks at start of this post. What was waking the RF Prez at dead of night in a clammy sweat was the terrifying prospect of a bum deal!

Waddyamean, “why couldn’t the evil tyrant simply refuse to trade?”

You some kind of Putinbot?

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6 Replies to “Putin’s Navalnicide: at last, a motive!

  1. The “empire of lies” know no boundaries as to the printing of dollars and narratives… unfortunately, the Titanic has already hit the iceberg and there’s nothing they can do to change the fact that this boat will sink. Only a matter of time !

  2. “opposition leader”? Just how braindead are Brits who would fall for this kind of claptrap?
    I doubt that Putin even gave him a second thought since Navalny had next to no support and was an inconsequential walking ego! The Graund seems to have a disdain or even utter contempt for it’s readers and dumbing down for them to comprehend the ridiculous claim they are offering as reading material, is just par for the course for this toilet paper rag.
    I really do worry for this nation being spoon fed such lies and sewer crap, they are in danger of becoming the laughing stock around the world.

    • When two overarching narratives converge – in this case that the Guardian is trustworthy even on matters crucial to empire, and that Russia is run by an evil tyrant – credulity knows no bounds. The most preposterous fabrications may be sold to folk who can lecture night and day on the importance of critical thinking.

      • Yes. In my experience Sinn Fein supporters who instantly doubt anything the BBC says about Ireland swallow whole anything negative about Putin and Russia. Similarly, Brexit commentators who see through the Brexit hoax, can’t see through the Ukraine/Taiwan lies. Possibly it’s a bandwidth problem – they can’t cope with more than one aspect of truth at a time. However, I tend towards the sheep/goats (or more realistically sheep/cats) model of humanity. Sheep tend to only focus on only one rebellion at a time.

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