Red line on genocide

5 Apr

I don’t much like red lines and am suspicious of the motives of Leftists and Libertarians intent on drawing them all over the place:

Wrong take on 9/11? … Syria? … Russia? … Covid-19?  Dude, that’s you off my list of sources I’ll be giving time of day on any subject under the sun! I have my ideological purity to think about.

All the same, consider this. A fortnight ago I ran a post which answered its own question – Did Hamas weaponise sexual violence? – in the negative. Two days ago a Christian Zionist passing through stopped to offer this hit and run comment:

Did Hamas weaponise sexual violence? Uh, yeah. This has been another in the series Simple Answers to Really Easy Questions.

I did a spot of homework. The commenter’s name did not stand out but by adding “Hamas” to my search term I arrived soon enough at a blog I could say with near certainty – one indicator being its insistence that Palestinians and their defenders are anti-Semites one and all – was his. Confident I had my man, I replied:

Since you don’t even deign to address the arguments in this post, your comment has been another in the series, Simplistic Arguments for Really Existing Apologetics. I checked you out. I may even find a use for the absurd hypothetical in the first paragraph of this post:

If Hamas were winning this war I wonder if the rest of the world would be calling for Hamas to stop the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, call for a truce or a cease fire and a two state solution? Would South Africa have gone to The Hague charging Hamas with the genocide of the Jews? A degree in brain surgery is not required to answer these questions.

No. Just a penchant for exotically specious analogies. But I must adhere to this site’s policy of zero tolerance for genocide apologists. Goodbye.

Jim Harmon did me a favour. I hadn’t realised steel city scribblings has a policy of zero tolerance for genocide apologists.

Now I do.

* * *

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