What an utter Hunt!

2 Oct

Apologies if you think sexist or even misogynist rhyming slang the worst thing since Barack Obama … …. … but here’s Britain’s right responsible Chancellor of the Exchequer, as reported yesterday … … and here he is a few years … Read More »

Richard Murphy on Keir Starmer

3 May

Writing yesterday on his Tax Research site – see Starmer makes me despair – accountant, tax specialist and modern monetary theorist Richard Murphy has this to say: Keir Starmer was interviewed by the ever-affable Justin Webb on the Tory Today programme on … Read More »

The whataboutery of Simon Tisdall

26 Mar

Millions of its readers believe The Guardian offers critical, independent reporting that is different to the right-wing, billionaire-controlled UK media. But its limited coverage of British foreign and security policies gives a misleading picture of what the UK does in … Read More »