My February reads

27 Feb

This month brings that rarest of occurrences. I’m recommending a Guardian piece: a tour of the mind of Jeff Bezos. You wouldn’t want to live there but I promise a rewarding trip. Also, and for your instant erudition, we have … Read More »

Europe’s growing dilemma

21 Feb

In an aside to my post last week, Washington’s Wuhan laboratory lie, I wrote: Russia’s recovery from the Yeltsin years defied Wall Street plans for her economy. It sent the West’s rulers into a frenzy … of Russophobia. No allegation … Read More »

My October reads

24 Oct

China leads the race for 5G leadership, a fact not only deeply alarming to Washington and Wall Street but with dire implications for a Europe left in the dust. Meanwhile a French Professor of Philosophy has a word or two … Read More »