As we hydroplane towards WW3 …

9 May

The neo-Nazi Azov Battalion on parade in Ukraine This makes two posts in a row I’ve handed over to Caitlin Johnstone, corporate mass media being incapable of telling the truth on matters vital to power. Not just oligarch ownership – … Read More »

Oh my giddy AUMF!

5 May

On May 1st, Democrat leaning site, The Hill – said to be “the largest independent political news site in the United States”  and “ranked second among all US news sites for political readership” – posted this. Kinzinger introduces AUMF to … Read More »

Ukraine in La La Land

23 Apr

The hyperbolic language westerners use to describe fairly normal modern warfare in Ukraine suggests they’ve invested exactly zero thought in what their own governments have been doing in the middle east for the last two decades. It’s like, yes, killing, … Read More »