Tucker Carlson on Julian Assange

14 Nov

It’s one of the great ironies of our age to hear conservative voices challenging empire serving narratives swallowed in part or whole by both liberal Left (Owen Jones, Paul Mason, George Monbiot) and far Left (SWP, Workers Power). Think Peter … Read More »

Thus spake Hillary

12 Nov

Spotted this morning, an FB friend living in Cairo referencing a story – click on the image – in yesterday’s Guardian. Her warmongering – its victims dark skinned and disproportionately female – aside, Ms Clinton is given to portraying herself … Read More »

Roger Waters on Julian Assange

28 Oct

Waters gets better and better. Here he is on RT: eloquent, informed, passionate. Not just on the shameful – and in its Orwellian implications terrifying – treatment of a man whose ‘crime’ was to tell us the truth about the … Read More »